Five Things to Consider When Building a Kitchen

1. Importance

How important is your kitchen to you? What role does the kitchen play in your house? Is it a family gathering area or part of your house’s overall entertaining space? If your kitchen is the centre of your universe then you need to build it accordingly. What can you do to ensure the kitchen is fully integrated into the house?

2. Time and money

How much time and money are you willing to invest in your new kitchen? How large do you want this job to be, is it a complete overhaul or just an update? Do you need new appliances or you’ll make do with the old ones? What sort of finish are you looking at for benches, cupboards and floors? It will generally take you longer than you expect, so how much time do you have to spend on your kitchen?

3. One stop shop?

Are you looking for a one stop shop to do it all for you or do you want to be project managing many different suppliers and tradies yourself? Do you have the time to project manage or would you rather defer that to someone who can?

4. Considerations

How important are things like Australian made, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, power safe to you? Are you willing to invest a little more for product that isn’t just mass-produced and is customizable? What about the future, how can you tap into the latest trends in kitchens?

5. The right company

How will you determine the right company to go with? Is it their level of service and professionalism or a matter of budget? Is it the quality of finishes and workmanship or mass-produced? Is it the experience and testimonials they have or you are willing to give someone new a go?

These are just a few things our team consider before starting a new job, what will you be thinking?

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