Eurocucina 2012 - Curves are in

They came from the four corners of the globe to the greatest kitchen show on earth and once again, Eurocucina didn’t disappoint!


As a woman, I’m happy to confirm that size doesn’t matter – but at the FieraMilano, it’s hard to ignore the scale of the place. After all, there are 24 pavilions (each half the size of the exhibition space at Darling Harbour) and it takes a bus just to get from the entrance to the kitchen and bathroom pavilions, although you can use the moving walkway if you’re feeling fit and you’ve got the time!

So what were the initial impressions after spending the day in the first of three pavilions devoted purely to kitchens and bathrooms?


Well, after the dominance of straight clean lines in kitchen design, curves are back ...and in a big way! Bold colours have always been popular in Europe but now they’re being used in combination – to tie one area to another. The trend towards integrating the kitchen with its surrounding living space continues apace. And the baroque style in kitchen design is alive and well – Gianni Versace would no doubt approve!

I’ll be reporting on these and other trends in the next few days but let’s start with kitchen curves.


Wow, the curves are everywhere…benchtops, doors, splashbacks and even cooktops have joined the trend! Take a look at this kitchen where everything from the top to the bottom curves – and isn’t is beautiful? Not so easy to build, but easy on the eye!


And this blue and white kitchen not only featured curved cupboards and benches but the l-shaped bench closest to camera could be rotated inwards or outwards towards or away from the kitchen to change the kitchen configuration completely.

That’s Eurocucina for you. In the next few days, I’ll show you some kitchens that will surprise and amaze you. Kitchens with style, kitchens with taste, kitchens with…butterflies! Yes, you heard me right!


Before, I go – one more kitchen with curves. Talk to you tomorrow….


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