Tricks to create the ideal colour palette for your kitchen

Taste is personal
We all have our likes and dislikes. And that includes how we design and decorate our home, including one of the most important rooms in the house: the kitchen. So here are the tricks to create the ideal colour palette for your kitchen.

Colour code
If you love lots of bright and bold colours but don’t want your kitchen to be too intense, consider working with analogous colours: those hues next to each other on a colour wheel. A simple way to think of this is warm versus cool colours. Remember to pick up samples from a hardware store and place them in different parts of the kitchen depending on where the light comes in before making your final decision.

Great ideas
So what are the tricks to create the ideal colour palette for your kitchen? Here are the on-trend looks:

  • To modernise a cottage for example, consider choosing bolder colours throughout. If the kitchen has plenty of light, choose a shade like green. Why? Experts say it is in the middle of the colour spectrum and it embraces all the realms of light people need for nourishment.
  • A big favourite to create the ideal colour palette for your kitchen is to use grey. It works as a soft colour that adds a comforting sense of coolness. Find a light, medium or dark shade which suits your kitchen space.
  • A colour that has gained much favour in recent years is black. It definitely adds drama and incorporating lacquered black into the space can add tremendous presence. The overall look can be brilliant.
  • If you’re seaside, a trick to create the ideal colour palette for your kitchen is to naturally use a shade of aqua. Find a relaxing, blue-green that mirrors tropical seas. If you’re right by the sea, think about a green turquoise as an accent colour to mirror fresh air and open spaces.
  • One interior designer reports that using a mixture of black and blue together to create a dark shade of blue-grey is their most popular colour request by clients as its both luxe and everyday practical.
  • Another popular colour is white.  A popular hue in this vast spectrum is celandon, which adds a touch of beachy chic, especially on cabinets.


Need to some working out the ideal colour palette for your kitchen? Speak with our Kitchen Design Team here.  

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