There is a bathroom for every budget.
This is what we did for Geoff.

Geoff was planning to redesign his bathroom to maximise the value of his home for lease and an eventual future sale.

The A Plan Design Team came up with a plan to transform Geoff’s bathroom with his budget in mind, into a modern space, suitable for a range of preferences. Renovated and customised bathrooms always add value to the home, and this is an investment that should always fit the target budget.

See how designed a simple and flexible bathroom for Geoff.

Browse through these photos of Geoff’s customised bathroom:

The A Plan Team takes care of the process – from start to finish.

Check out what Geoff’s bathroom looked like before the A Plan Team began the renovation.

We can transform your bathroom too! Just give us a call and we can discuss your options.


Do you want a modern and customised bathroom just like Geoff’s?

We can help you find the perfect balance between comfort and style with A Plan Kitchens & Bathrooms’ innovative and bespoke designs.

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