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Our professionally trained designers will unlock all the possibilities for your kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe and laundry.

A curated team of design and project management experts

Our in-house designers are here to listen, present opportunities and guide you through the vast options available to make maximum practical use of space. Your designer is an essential relationship. For your convenience, she is your single point of contact—from design to installation—who is intimate with your design and requirements and can expertly project manage your trades.

Lucrezia Leone

Lucrezia studied Interior Design in her native Italy, inspired by the great Italian architect Renzo Piano, before moving to Australia.

Her focus to understand the person she’s designing for - their tastes and desires, but also their constraints. She builds a vision for her client around the picture they have painted for her.

She sees opportunity where others might see restrictions, and uses her skills to improve a given space in line with character that will be poured into it. She looks for the perfect balance between aesthetic and practicality.

As a true Italian, Lucrezia considers the kitchen to be the main room of the house. It’s where most colourful moments of our lives happen, so it has to be designed to support those moments - to look good, feel good and be practical.


Suzanne Jones

Suzanne is a tactile person who is enchanted by nature’s textures. With a degree in Interior Design and Decorating, she weaves inspiration from the outdoors into the central room of the home.

For her, designing bespoke living spaces is a very human exercise, equal parts collaborative, imaginative and practical. It all starts with understanding the people who will be living in it, and leads to a creatively designed space that supports and elevates their lifestyle.

Suzanne sees the kitchen is a meeting place for family and friends. Today, it’s often an open space and she believes it should be imagined accordingly.

Karen Crossley

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Karen came to Australia at 18 and studied Social Work, Interior Design before proceeding to study Fine Arts majoring in painting. Her portraits have been hung in the prestigious Portia Geach and the Mosman Art Prize.

As a portrait artist, Karen studies a space like she would a face. She carefully examines the bone structure before using her skills and technique to apply design principles within a given space.

Karen sees the kitchen as a space that needs to last, and accommodate the lifestyle of each client, taking into account every family member


Laura Chen

With a bachelors degree in interior architecture at the University of Technology Sydney in hand, Laura was invited on a global studios tour in 2019 to IKEA headquarters in Älmhult, Sweden to work on a collaborative project with their design team.

For Laura, design should be functional yet unique. With curation as key, she sees spaces as an extension of its inhabitants, full of personality and life.

The kitchen, which she considers to be the heart of the house, is a place for creating, gathering, socialising and eating. As a daily used space, custom design is necessary to create an inviting environment tailored to people’s home and lifestyle.

Mary Christeck

Mary is a creative, problem solver, visual artist and mother of two. She loves to paint the Australian landscape and still life as a hobby.

But firstly, she loves to get to know what motivates her clients so she can help them afford a space so they can live their best life. She spends time every morning actively trying to meditate for herself but ends up solving customers design problems! She just really likes seeing stuff get built!
Mary has professional interior design skills and 15+ years of creating surface designs on many of Sydney’s top architectural residential and hospitality projects for her former surface design and interior specifying business Just Finishes.