French Provincial Kitchens

Provincial kitchens — or French Provincial kitchens — are rustic yet sophisticated designs that bring the French provincial lifestyle to a kitchen. These kitchens are beautiful, traditional, and highly detailed. They are characterised by an interior with plants and pastel colours that evokes warmth and cosiness.

Key features of a French Provincial kitchen

Some of the main features include:

  • Columns, corbels, rosettes, and fluted posts
  • Hand-painted finishes
  • Freestanding stoves
  • Fancy oven hoods with scalloped edges or crown moulding
  • Ceramic, wicker, wood, stone, and earthy colour palettes
  • Practical elements and soft styling mixed with organic materials such as stone and wood

Why you should incorporate the French Provincial kitchen

Unlike many decorating and building trends, French Provincial architecture has retained most of its major aspects over the last several centuries. Today’s stunningly fabulous yet highly functional French Provincial kitchen has a unique balance between world-class chic and down-to-earth rustic. It is ideal for people who want to focus on combining rustic, country-style features with beauty and elegance.

French Provincial design introduced kitchens with royal décor to the public. Soon after, many kitchens in France began to feature Rococo and Baroque designs. Today, the French Provincial design is suited for a person who wants a functional and luxurious kitchen.

How to get the French Provincial kitchen designs in your home

Here are some French Provincial kitchen ideas to help you along.


Provincial kitchen cabinets are meant to be inviting, comfortable, and warm with a natural, timeless appearance. As such, you should blend freestanding, antique pieces with floating cabinets to bring both new and old aspects into your kitchen. You can also give your cabinetry a touch of rustic flair with an interesting handle.


Choosing a colour palette for French Provincial kitchen designs involves getting inspiration from nature. At the core is also a neutral palette with subtle warm undertones. Go for hints of soft greens and blues and light grey tones with ivory that will keep your kitchen in the delicate country style that the modern French Provincial kitchen is known for.


Modern French Provincial kitchen furniture generally has moderate ornamentation with some embellishments. Also, borrowing inspiration from the French rural areas, French Provincial furniture is typically built from natural materials that enhance the simplicity of the style as a whole. So, one of the best French provincial kitchen ideas is to use French countryside influences and rustic ideas to create beautiful pieces of furniture.

Get the kitchen of your dreams

If you want a French Provincial kitchen, we can help you explore your options at no cost. Our professionals will be with you every step of the way, from getting preliminary drawings to the complimentary clean. Contact A-Plan to get started, or browse our gallery for more kitchen design ideas and inspiration.

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The design by *** is what we wanted but could not be achieved by our two other quotes. Our design was a challenging one. The installer *** was outstanding. We cannot praise his skill and problem solving more highly. Luke the plumber was a real standout. In fact all all the tradies were excellent and easy to deal with. Overall the APlan team were very good. There were challenges, such as communication between the design and workshop but these were resolved. We are extremely happy with the final product.

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