Kitchen Renovations in Five Dock

A-Plan Kitchens is your premier destination for dream kitchen renovations in Five Dock.

We know that your home in Five Dock is pretty special, and your kitchen should be too. If you are looking for home renovations and/or kitchen renovation services in Five Dock, NSW and surrounding suburbs, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are aiming for a sleek modern kitchen or want to explore installing a classic contemporary kitchen, our team knows just how to match your kitchen needs with the local charm of Five Dock NSW.

We keep things simple and focused on you. Our kitchen designer team make sure all your renovation needs are addressed and your ideas shine through from start to finish. If you are looking to build something truly special, A-Plan Kitchens is here to make it happen. Book an appointment with us today, and let’s start creating the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Custom Kitchen Renovation in Five Dock

Let A your dedicated partner for a custom kitchen renovation in Five Dock. Our mission is to take your vision and turn it into a reality. It’s what we love to do! We make sure that every detail of your kitchen remodelling meets the highest standards and exceeds your expectations.

No matter the size or style of your kitchen, we specialise in creating custom solutions that fit into your unique kitchen space. Maybe you are looking for a contemporary kitchen, a functional galley kitchen, a French provincial-style kitchen, a stylish U-shape kitchen layout, an outdoor kitchen oasis, or the timeless elegance of a Hampton-style kitchen with handle-lessfeatures? Or maybe something else?! Our designers are here to turn your ideas into stunning, practical designs.

Our experienced kitchen designers work closely with you to understand your requirements, preferences, and lifestyle. We believe in a collaborative approach to kitchen renovation. We make sure your kitchen looks visually appealing and has maximum functionality. Whether you have specific features in mind or need a little or a lot of guidance, our team is here to create a customised plan that suits your unique needs. Schedule your initial consultation with us, and let’s bring your dream kitchen to life.

Types of Kitchen Renovations A-Plan Kitchens Specialise in

At A-Plan, we take pride in versatility. Our kitchen renovation services offer a range of kitchen designs and remodels to suit every taste and preference. We have a team of experienced kitchen designers dedicated to transforming your kitchen space into a dream kitchen that reflects your unique style and meets your functional needs. Here’s a peek into our specialisations:

 The Contemporary Kitchen

Love the sleek and stylish look of your kitchen? Then our contemporary kitchens are perfect for you, offering glossy designs, bold choices, and functionality. They give a modern vibe with dark or black cabinets, white countertops, and stainless-steel kitchen appliances. Even if your kitchen is small, we use smart designs to make it feel spacious and stylish.

 The Galley Kitchen

Our galley kitchen brings a beachy and casual feel with light, airy and bright whites with pops of blues, yellows, greens, or any colour of your choice. We add textures like dark stone benchtops, black or gold hardware, and subway or herringbone tiles for that classic coastal vibe.

 The Hampton Style Kitchen

For a touch of calm serenity, our Hampton-style kitchens are just gorgeous—with lots of whites, neutral colours, and a touch of glamour. We use natural materials like dock stone and rattan lights to make it feel more than little special.

 The Luxury Kitchen

Our luxury kitchens are more than just kitchens; they are experiences. Whether you want a cosy place to hang out in or a stylish space to show off to friends and family, our designs will make your kitchen feel extra-special.

 The Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking outside in an outdoor kitchen is pretty fun and certainly breaks up the routine. They are great for kids and entertaining. But they need to be tough and should have the ability to handle sun and rain. We use strong materials and add things like patios or pergolas to keep everything in good shape and made to last.

 The Handle-less Kitchen

If you like things sleek and modern, try our handle-less kitchens. Just as their name suggests, they don’t have handles or knobs, so they look neat, fresh,and make small kitchens feel bigger and easy to clean too.

 The Modern Kitchen

Our modern kitchens keep things simple and elegant. Think soft colours, smooth cabinets, and good lighting to giveyour kitchen a classic look. Perfect for today and tomorrow.

 The U-Shaped Kitchen

Our U-shaped kitchens are great if you want a kitchen that looks good and works just as well. With cabinets, countertops, and appliances along three walls, these kitchens offer ample space for meal preparation, easy movement, and a user-friendly layout. Ideal for larger families, we provide a visually pleasing and practical design.

 The Small Kitchen

Even if your kitchen is small, we know the tricks to make it amazing! We don’t waste space, we maximise it. Everything in your kitchen has a purpose without wasting any available spaces. Small kitchens mean less waste and easy cleaning, and you get to be the boss of your kitchen. 

Kitchen Renovations in Five Dock, NSW

The kitchen is the heart of your space, where memories are made, and stories are shared. Forget clutter, stress and feeling like cooking and entertaining is a chore. Our expert team creates a space that makes such moments special and memorable with stylish, functional,with unique designs.

If you are looking for a kitchen renovation near Five Dock, A-Plan is your go-to kitchen renovation company. Our designs fit perfectly with the local vibes. Whether you want a modern look, a cosy, classic feel, or some coastal serenity, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our design samples to get an idea of what you can expect from our work or book a call with us today to discuss your ideas.

Why do Five Dock Residents Choose A-Plan Kitchens?

When you choose A-Plan Kitchens for your kitchen or bathroom renovations, you get the opportunity to create your dream kitchen with the least amount of hassle and time spent.

Operating since 1984, we have earned our reputation as a leader in creating luxury kitchen spaces and bathroom renovations in Five Dock. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail and smooth project management make your journey to a luxury kitchen stress-free and even enjoyable.

Your journey begins with a consultation, where we discuss your aspirations and requirements. Our designers then craft a bespoke plan including your vision into every step of the design process. They create a layout plan, 3D rendering and everything you need to visualise your dream kitchen. Once the design is completed,we take feedback from you and adjust the plan as per your needs.

We understand the importance of sticking to your budget. Our goal is to create a beautiful kitchen within that budget. Our team works diligently to provide you with cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

At A-Plan, you don’t have to worry about reaching out to multiple people for updates and queries. You will have a single point of contact for all communication, and they will ensure all your preferences are understood and implemented. This approach will make your journey smooth.

We believe in transparency. From your initial visit to our showrooms to the final reveal of your renovated kitchen, we keep you informed about every step of the process. There are no hidden surprises, just open communication.

Let us transform your kitchen into a space that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them without breaking the bank. Call us today to book an appointment or visit us in our showrooms to get started on that dream kitchen you’ve always wanted!

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We're thrilled with our beautiful and high functioning new kitchen. Every dealing with APlan was outstanding. *** our designer, *** the project Manager and all of the various trades, including *** our installer were amazing. They were a great team-efficient, well organised, great communication and superb workmanship, took great care and delivered what they said they would, on schedule and according to our agreed budget. Everything was made easy for us as clients and we're so impressed with the results.

Meg McDonald