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We are one of Australia’s leading designers and manufacturers of custom-built kitchens, offering a wide range of tailored renovation solutions.

Complete kitchen renovations package

Some would say that the kitchen is a special place that ties a home together. And it’s true; a kitchen isn’t just a place where you prepare and serve food; it’s where your loved ones come together to share meals, talk about their day, make memories, and gather together before their morning commute to work or school. It’s the heart of the home, and that is exactly why having the right kitchen style and functionality for your family’s needs is essential to ensure you have a kitchen you and your family can love spending time in.

While it may seem like a dream and a bit of a mountain to climb to get there, this really is all possible with a kitchen renovation project that can quite easily deliver you the aesthetic you’ve always wanted. We take the hassle out of budget but beautiful custom kitchen renovations at A-Plan Kitchens and have been Sydney’s kitchen designers and installers of choice for the past 25 years. If you’re looking for inspiration for your kitchen reno, then A-Plan Kitchens is the place for you. We also offer bespoke joinery, laundry, home office, and bathroom services.

Your dream kitchen renovation
made possible

Our professional kitchen designers at A-Plan Kitchens fully immerse themselves in the design process, from how you prefer your drawers open to your corner kitchen pantry design. Don’t worry about lack of space, cluttered kitchen cabinets, or your kitchen layout style lacking certain finesse or decor; your dream kitchen is possible with the help of our team.

Our approach to turning your dream into reality is rooted in collaboration and creativity. Our designs are beyond the ordinary cookie-cutter solutions. We tailor everything according to your home and your preferences. We take time to evaluate your existing kitchen space and use our experience to recommend ideas that fit well with your layout.

Whatever you envision your dream kitchen to look like, our team is open to all design concepts and ideas. It’s your kitchen! From hidden kitchen cabinets to custom pullout drawers for your much-loved appliances or your spice rack, or maybe a special nook for your child to do their homework in, we can help you bring your vision to life.

Our design process at A-Plan Kitchens

At A-Plan Kitchens, we only utilise the best materials and hardware and guarantee our kitchens are built to last. Our primary focus is on ensuring our clients are 100% satisfied with their kitchen renovation project or kitchen upgrade.

From your first visit to one of our kitchen showrooms to the final viewing of your new kitchen renovation, we ensure that no detail is missed. If you’re not happy or satisfied with your kitchen, we’ll work together to make sure you’re left not only content but ecstatic with your new kitchen upgrade.

Our professional kitchen designers surround themselves with inspiration every day and immerse themselves in the latest kitchen styles and designs, ensuring your kitchen renovation is modern, fresh, and unique. Importantly, our designers understand what works according to your needs, including ergonomics. Whatever you require, our designers will work with you to ensure each section of your kitchen matches your aesthetic, needs, and desires for your dream kitchen.

The great thing about our services is you only have one point of contact — your designer. Don’t worry about needing to speak with multiple people; your appointed designer will handle all of the vendors and suppliers and contact you throughout the entire process.

Attention to detail is always our highest regard when we work with our clients. You’ll see this in your first meeting through to the 3D walkthrough presentation of your dream kitchen.

Kitchen renovations, Sydney-wide

You will find that all of your kitchen makeover dreams are met at A-Place Kitchens. Our design team works to create beautiful kitchens in Sydney for all our clients, and we work together to bring you the best-in-class kitchens through innovative and practical design. Simply reach out to our team for your free consultation today.

What is covered in a kitchen renovation?

Starting a kitchen renovation project with A-Plan means opening the doors to a wide range of possibilities. From the initial stage of inspiration to the ultimate reveal of your Sydney kitchen renovation, we’ve got everything you need. Every part of your kitchen will receive the attention it deserves as we aim to provide thorough attention to detail.

We develop a space that connects with exactly how you imagined your dream kitchen. Whether it’s the inventive design of your corner pantry, designing a beautiful bench space, adding unique kitchen cupboards and cabinet doors, remodelling kitchen cabinetry, or creating an outdoor kitchen, our team takes care of everything.

We also work together with you to turn your regular kitchen space into a highly functional modern kitchen (or any other design you are after) with space-saving appliances, custom joinery and much more.

We will have a thorough chat with you so that we can be on the same page about what your kitchen needs. New cupboard doors, kitchen doors, or handles can be a quick fix, but if there are any bigger issues like sagging kitchen cabinets or leaky grout, we’ll tackle them with extra precaution. Doing it right from the start will save you from headaches down the road.

So, whether you are going for a mini-makeover or an entire kitchen renovation, let us work with you to make sure your kitchen is the best place for all those family moments that happen in it.

We use high-quality materials for kitchen renovations

At A-Plan, we believe in giving you the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. And it all starts with the materials we use. Your dream kitchen, from layout to finish, should look beautiful and also stand the test of time. We want to make sure that you get exactly what you’ve been dreaming of now and into the future.

Your kitchen is the place where memories are made, and we all want those memories to keep on being created in a happy, functioning space. That’s why we use high-quality materials for every renovation. Whether revamping your existing kitchen or crafting a new kitchen from scratch, our commitment to excellence remains the same.

We follow a simple kitchen renovation process

From the very first discussion about your kitchen makeover ideas, we are dedicated to understanding your vision. We believe in a personalised approach, tailoring our services to your needs.

Once we are on the same page, we’ll start our consultation, where we will discuss layouts, colours, and your budget. Our expert designers then bring your kitchen renovation ideas to life through detailed plans and 3D renderings.

As we move forward, we will provide you with a transparent quote, ensuring that there are no surprises along the way. Our in-house team of skilled tradespeople takes over the build, using top-notch materials to bring your dream kitchen to life. Throughout the process, our designers oversee everything, making sure the journey is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We take the stress out of kitchen renovations and kitchen upgrades

Renovating your kitchen should be exciting, not stressful. At A-Plan, we understand that the journey to your dream kitchen makeover can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why we made it our mission to take the stress out of custom kitchen renovation ideas and upgrades right from the beginning.

You’ll have a dedicated designer as your single point of contact throughout the entire process. No more juggling multiple conversations with different vendors and suppliers regarding your kitchen remodel project. Our experienced team is here to handle all the details, leaving you to focus on getting on with your life.

Our project manager and team work tirelessly to coordinate with the contractors, suppliers, and vendors to make the process as smooth as possible. From the initial design phase to the final touches, we’ve got it all under control.

We’ll keep you updated on every step of the process. Your designer will be your go-to person for any questions or concerns.

The most popular types of kitchen layout

At A-Plan, we believe your kitchen should be as unique as you are. That’s why our experienced designers take a personalised approach to every project, crafting a layout that seamlessly blends with your lifestyle and needs. Here are some popular kitchen layouts to inspire your renovation journey.

  • One-Wall Kitchen: Living in a small apartment or looking for a sleek, minimalist aesthetic? A one-wall kitchen might be your perfect match. This efficient design utilises a single wall for appliances and storage, keeping things streamlined and organised. The open layout allows you to seamlessly integrate your dining table, fostering interaction with guests as you prepare your meal.
  • Gallery Kitchen: For those who love to cook and need ample storage, gallery kitchens are a dream come true. Featuring kitchen cabinets facing each other on opposite walls, this layout transforms your kitchen into a functional hallway, maximising storage space for all your cooking essentials.
  • U-shaped Kitchen: If you crave ample counter space and a smooth workflow, the U-shaped kitchen is your haven. This design creates a practical “triangle” between the sink, stove, and fridge, minimising unnecessary steps and maximising efficiency. While a U-shaped layout might feel slightly disconnected from the dining area, they’re perfect if you have a dedicated dining room.
  • L-shaped Kitchen: Looking for a social and inviting kitchen? Then, an L-shaped kitchen layout is the one for you. Wrapping around two walls, this design utilises corners to create generous counter space while maintaining an open and flowing feel. These kitchens are ideal for families or those who love to entertain while cooking.
  • Kitchen Island: Islands are a popular choice for a reason. They offer additional counter space, can accommodate larger appliances, and even provide hidden storage for essentials like microwaves and garbage disposal. While they might take up some kitchen flooring space, a kitchen island creates a central hub in your kitchen, perfect for gathering and entertaining.

Feeling overwhelmed by the options? We’re here to help. Visit one of our conveniently located Sydney showrooms to experience different kitchen layouts firsthand and see how they might translate into your dream space. Our team of experts is eager to answer your questions and guide you towards the perfect new kitchen design for your lifestyle.

Type of kitchen styles

Your kitchen deserves a design that reflects your personal style and sets the stage for countless memories, stories, parties and whatnot. At A-Plan, we understand that one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to kitchens. That’s why we offer a wide range of kitchen styles. Here are some popular options to help you choose the perfect kitchen design:

  • Hamptons Style Kitchen
  • French Provincial Kitchen
  • Small Kitchens
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Contemporary Kitchens
  • Industrial Kitchens
  • Classic Kitchens
  • Country Kitchens

Some styles work better in certain spaces than others. Our experienced designers can guide you through the entire process, from initial consultation to final installation. We’ll help you choose the perfect style, materials, and layout to create a kitchen that you’ll love for years to come. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Why should you choose A-Plan Kitchens to renovate your kitchen within your budget?

When you choose A-Plan Kitchens for your budget kitchen renovation, you get a commitment to quality, personalised service, and a budget-friendly transformation.

  • Budget-Friendly: A-Plan Kitchens is dedicated to delivering excellence without breaking the bank. We make it our mission to bring your vision to life while respecting your financial boundaries.
  • 25 Years of Excellence:Operating since 1984, we bring a wealth of knowledge on kitchen remodelling services to the table. Our expertise allows us to navigate the intricacies of your kitchen.
  • Your Vision, Our Priority:At A-Plan, our vision is to understand your requirements closely so that every aspect of your kitchen is tailored to meet your taste and budget.
  • Hassle-free Communication:We know how overwhelming multiple points of contact can be during a renovation. That’s why we offer you a single, dedicated designer who acts as your contact person.
  • Transparent Quotes:We provide a transparent quote based on your approved design. Our process, coupled with close project management, means that your custom kitchen renovation project stays on track, both in terms of time and budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience a perfect blend of affordability and excellence with A-Plan Kitchens. Book an appointment today to make your dream kitchen a reality!


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A-Plan renovated our kitchen, bathrooms and laundry. From our initial approach in the showroom the service we have received has been excellent.We met with our designer who made time to get to know us, listened to us and made sensible suggestions to match our budget. The plans were detailed and A-Plan were experienced in dealing with Strata management. We were provided with a detailed schedule of works and a project manager. At every stage, A-Plan has looked after us and our project, which came in on time and on budget. The quality of the work is excellent and the whole experience has been very positive.Thanks to all the A-Plan team who worked on our project.Highly recommended.Services: Kitchen countertop installation, Kitchen cabinet installation, Kitchen design

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