Custom Designed Laundries

Case study: Custom designed pocket door laundry

We cleverly integrated this laundry into a kitchen using a pocket door cabinet to conceal the laundry. There are air slots in the pocket door cabinet to allow the washing machine and the dryer to operate with the laundry doors closed. The finish of the kitchen and laundry cabinets is white gloss polyurethane. The maximum laundry pocket door cabinet is 1200 mm, which can fit a mini tub washing machine and dryer.

Design features

-Maximum cabinet size 2400 x 1200 x 750 deep

-The 1200 mm wide cabinet can fit a washing machine dryer and mini tub

-The doors fold back into the cabinet

-A fold-down ironing board is incorporated into a pantry cabinet

-A rotatable ironing board that features an on/off timer