Use the $25,000 grant to secure a quality A-Plan Kitchen

By A-Plan Kitchens | June 8, 2020

If you have been dreaming of a beautiful new kitchen, now might be the time to get started on that renovation The Federal Government’s new $25,000 HomeBuilder grant for home owners could be just the excuse to upgrade your kitchen as part of a large renovation, or new build. The HomeBuilder program is part of […]

Why Australians love kitchen island benches & what are the best designs

By A-Plan Kitchens | June 14, 2019

What we love If you were planning a kitchen renovation or a brand new kitchen soon and had not considered installing a kitchen island bench, most interior designers, stylists, builders and kitchen design companies would urge you to reconsider. Why? Australians love them, that’s why! So much to offer While there are still plenty of […]

How to design your kitchen with warming winter meals in mind

By A-Plan Kitchens | April 23, 2019

Hibernate in comfort Ah, winter! T’is the season to embrace doonas, hoodies, trackies and lots of warming comfort food! As you instinctively choose to hibernate indoors more often to guard against the outdoor chill, you will want your kitchen to be the room where family and friends congregate to sit, chat, eat, drink and be […]

Plan for a new kitchen over Easter

By A-Plan Kitchens | April 11, 2019

Good timing Easter isn’t just the perfect time for hot cross buns, chocolate and kicking back, it’s also a great time to plan for a new kitchen. Be decisive It is a big job but there is no need to feel daunted by it. The first thing to do when planning for a new kitchen […]

What our designers can do to create your dream kitchen

By A-Plan Kitchens | March 8, 2019

Expert help We Aussies love our kitchens. It’s fair to say that in recent decades it has become one of the central hubs in many homes as a place to eat, talk, cook and relax. And while you may be brimming with ideas and plans for your custom-built kitchen, you may feel reassured to know […]

Why you need a good project manager for your kitchen

By A-Plan Kitchens | February 7, 2019

A great asset If this is the year you plan to renovate, rebuild or construct a brand-new kitchen, having an expert who can oversee everything that needs doing is an invaluable asset. This is why it’s a brilliant idea to find a good project manager for your kitchen. Take your time Of course, like any […]

The tech kitchen trends for 2019 – expect to be impressed

By A-Plan Kitchens | January 14, 2019

Tech explosion Last year was probably one of the most pivotal years for tech innovation in the kitchen, including the arrival of sophisticated family refrigerators that almost seem to “think” for you. That, and other smart products, opened up a whole new world of Wi-Fi–friendly appliances such as airfryers, ice makers, home brewing and coffee […]

How to make maximum use of your kitchen appliances for the festive season

By A-Plan Kitchens | December 6, 2018

Plan well The festive season is a time to eat, drink and be merry, so what’s the best way to make maximum use of your kitchen appliances for the festive season? Easy! It’s all in the planning. As anyone who has had to cater for family, loved ones and friends over the festive season will […]

What the right finishes can do for your small kitchen

By A-Plan Kitchens | November 6, 2018

Cute & cosy space Some people love the cosiness of a small kitchen. Everything is snug and within reach. But it’s a good idea to keep in mind that if you go crazy with colour schemes and design finishes your little cooking nook could end up looking like a very bad Picasso painting. What the […]

5 tips to follow before you start your kitchen renovation

By A-Plan Kitchens | October 9, 2018

A kitchen renovation is an exciting prospect. Whether you’ve moved into a new home or are about to re-do your current kitchen, it’s a demanding but ultimately satisfying job. However, it can help if you feel prepared and able to stay on top of the renovation project, including ensuring you follow a few vital tips […]