5 Money-Saving Tips for Your Kitchen Remodelling

An exciting project

Remodelling your kitchen is an exciting and rewarding project for one of the most important rooms in your home. Undoubtedly, you will have many ideas, plans and must-haves. And while they will all help give you a modern, better functioning space for you to enjoy, there is also plenty you can do to save money on your kitchen remodelling without compromising on quality.

Here are our 5 money-saving tips for your kitchen remodelling, though there are other options, too. Feel free to talk to kitchen experts like us to help you achieve your kitchen refit dreams. After all, it’s your special place…

1. Consider keeping your kitchen cabinets

Even if your kitchen cabinets have been there a while, if they’re in good condition and the style is timeless, a makeover is a fantastic way forward. One of the most cost-effective and transforming makeovers is a few coats of paint in a colour that pops – including classic white (or a variation on white). This fresh paintwork can help reinvigorate the space instantly. Be sure you take the necessary steps to give your cabinets a beautiful finish to justify keeping the cabinets.

2. Consider various cheaper countertop materials

There are plenty of countertop surfaces on the market to choose from such as concrete, tile, stone and recyclable products. Surfaces such as marble, Caesarstone and granite are still very popular, but can cost more than other options. A money-saving tip is to weigh up the idea of using two different surfaces instead. And if you like the look of stone but think it costs too much, consider laminate. Some of the new laminates look almost identical to stone but are far cheaper.

3. Consider keeping your kitchen appliances where they are

Keeping the appliances where they are will save you thousands of dollars and it is a money-saving tip many kitchen remodellers don’t always think of. You need to determine if the existing kitchen appliances work well where they are and calculate how much you can save by not moving the fittings and electrical connections. 

4. Consider going for some open shelving

Open shelving creates interest in the space as well as saving money. Using recycled wood or painted planks for shelving is a cost-effective and functional option to show off your favourite dishes.

Open shelving can save a lot of cash, but while it may be tempting to do away with fitted cabinet’s all together, they’re still important for storage, especially if space is tight and you have a fair bit to store.

5. Consider track lighting instead of recessed lighting

Adding recessed lighting can be costly. A cheaper alternative is to have track lighting. They give off plenty of light in the kitchen and, when placed on a dimmer, create a warm, ambient light. You will be pleasantly surprised with what’s available as there are many styles, shapes and finishes for track lighting.

For these and more remodelling ideas, speak with the Team at A-Plan Kitchens here.