5 things to consider when you’re building a Kitchen

A lot of time, effort and planning goes into building a kitchen, and the big decisions need to be made before you start building, not during or after!

We’ve come up with some of the most important things to think about when you’re planning your ideal kitchen.

1) Importance

Just how important is your kitchen to you and your family? Is it the hub of your home where you cook, eat, entertain and socialise? Or is it just a place to keep a few things in the fridge. Think about how much you use your kitchen and build it accordingly.

2) Budget and deadline

The amount of money you’re willing to spend determines what you can do with your kitchen. Do you want a complete overhaul – gutting the current kitchen and replacing everything, including appliances? Or will updating a few fixtures be enough? Renovating your kitchen generally takes longer than you’d expect, so be prepared with a realistic timeline for completion.

3) Outsource or project manage yourself?

Think about whether you have the time (and knowledge) to project manage your kitchen renovation yourself. Can you manage and coordinate all the different suppliers and tradespeople to turn up in the right order at the right time? If not, perhaps leaving it to kitchen company who will manage everything for you might be a better option.

4) Considerations

Have you considered whether your kitchen products will be Australian made, energy efficient, environmentally sustainable or power safe? Do you want your fixtures to be mass produced or customised? Are you interested in the latest trends in kitchens, or are you designing your own features? These are all things to think about in the planning process.

5) The right kitchen company

Not all kitchen companies are the same. Some have better quality fixtures and finishes, while others provide budget products. Some have much better customer service than others, and have different policies. Think about what’s important to you during the building process and make sure you choose a company you feel comfortable with. 

These are just a few of the many things to consider before you start building a kitchen. Why not have a chat to one of our friendly team members to find out what other things you might need to think about before you start. Book a consult now.