5 Tips On Versatile Finishes For Your Kitchen Makeover

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As you envisage what your kitchen space will look like following your kitchen makeover, it is a good idea to think about what kinds of finishes you want – it’s often the finishes that will give your doors, benchtops, hardware and splashbacks that wow-factor. So here are our 5 tips on some of the most versatile finishes for your kitchen makeover.

Solid timber

While it is definitely a matter of personal taste, there is something classic, warm and enduring about timber doors and they may well add a dimension to your kitchen makeover you may not have previously considered. Plus, when it comes to a versatile finish, timber doors are pretty hard to beat. Keep in mind that these doors can be lime washed (trendy!), stained, or hand painted (if the natural colour doesn’t suit) and this may go a long way to achieving the finished look you want. Don’t forget, too, that once these are installed, any maintenance will be minor. Too easy!

Hard-wearing laminate

When it comes to doors, laminate is an ideal solution for those wanting an easy to clean surface as well as protection against chipping and moisture. Worthwhile for those with a more budget-conscious kitchen makeover, laminate doors come in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Vacuum-formed doors

This style of door can add panache, character and durability to your kitchen makeover. Plus, if you have a young family, for example, these non-porous, easy-to-clean doors can handle some roughhousing from playful kids!  Depending on the style you fall in love with, the doors are in the mid-to-higher range on the price scale, but they will last for years to come with a generous warranty period to boot.

Polyurethane doors

Available in a mid-to-high price range, these moisture-resistant doors are often admired for their classy finish and it’s definitely a worthy contender for your kitchen makeover. As well, they come in a big range of colours.

While these 5 tips on finishes for your kitchen makeover are an excellent starting point, there is still plenty more to explore and evaluate in partnership with kitchen design experts like us.

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