5 tips to follow before you start your kitchen renovation

A kitchen renovation is an exciting prospect. Whether you’ve moved into a new home or are about to re-do your current kitchen, it’s a demanding but ultimately satisfying job.

However, it can help if you feel prepared and able to stay on top of the renovation project, including ensuring you follow a few vital tips to feel confident the end result is what you wanted both aesthetically, practically and financially– and more! After all, the kitchen is probably the most popular space in the home these days.

So for the best 5 tips to follow before you start your kitchen renovation, look no further!

1. Big or small?

Sometimes a kitchen renovation does not have to involve the whole kit and caboodle. You may just need to do a mini renovation to lift the space and enhance its value and practicality.

  • Start with an upgrade on whitegoods and appliances – a new cooktop, dishwasher and fridge (plus toaster and coffee machine, for example) can both look great and be a time-saving bonus.
  • Replace the benchtops. It’s often one of the areas that really benefits from a mini kitchen renovation as you can make an uplifting design statement and create a wow-factor look, depending on your budget.
  • Update the joinery and lighting. A great way to upgrade your kitchen is to add new kitchen cabinet doors and drawers for a facelift, plus adding more modern lighting can make a real difference to the overall look of your kitchen.

2. How about an island bench?

If your kitchen is “of a certain age”, it’s unlikely to have a kitchen bench. Some kitchen design experts say it’s important to create the right flow in a kitchen, and an island bench can help do that. Design specialists say it’s good to have a “formal cooking line” with an island bench to act as a gathering spot for those living in the home.

3. The right flooring

Some kitchens are a separate room to the living space, but that’s rather old-school. If you have a kitchen that is linked to the family room or living area, designers say continuity is important. If possible, choose flooring that will flow throughout the space so it is all connected, rather than having it as a separate surface just in that zone.

4. Watch your spending

Try to avoid spending too much. Some home renovators recommend not going over 15 per cent of your home’s value, so say about 30 per cent on cabinets, 10 per cent on countertops, 14 per cent on appliances and 5 per cent on lighting, with about 35 per cent on construction costs. This is just a rough guide to give you an idea.

5. The time is right

Quality craftsmanship takes time and if you are having a complete kitchen renovation, allow some time for this – set aside a month if you can (this is after designing and planning your kitchen reno).

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