6 Kitchen lighting ideas to change the look of your kitchen

Lighting designers will often say that to create a warm and inviting environment, you have to find the perfect blend of four things: task, ambience, accent and decorative lighting. If it works well with your other design elements, you’ll have a practical workspace and welcoming entertainment area.

That’s all well and good if you’re a professional designer, but how can the average non-designer transform the look of their kitchen with lighting?

First, you need a plan to make sure all the areas of your kitchen are illuminated with their purpose in mind. Once you know what’s needed where, you can get creative! Not sure where to start? Consider some of these kitchen lighting ideas when you’re creating your plan.



Your food preparation areas and cooking areas, such as the stove, will need strong, focused lighting so you can see what you’re doing. Spotlights are the perfect option here. You can even install adjustable ones to point the spotlight where it’s needed.

Under cabinet lighting

A simple strip of small LED lights under a cabinet can provide ambient lighting as well as concentrated brightness on workbenches. They’re a quick and easy way to update the look of your kitchen without a full kitchen remodel, and the strips can be installed without any major re-wiring.

Recessed lights

Recessed lights (also known as Down Lights) provide soft, generalised lighting for the whole room. It’s a great idea to install dimmable down lights so you can adjust the brightness and control the atmosphere a little more.


Pendant lights are popular over sinks, islands and dining tables. They work well to fill the visual void above islands while providing the lighting that’s needed over the work area. Design is an important aspect of pendant lighting, since they are easily seen and one of the first things that get noticed.

Drum shades

Drum shades can be customised with fabric that matches your upholstery and kitchen colour scheme. Being pendant lights, they have the ability to steal the show and add lots of personality to your kitchen, and can be changed easily when you feel like updating the colour.  


These were once an old-fashioned no-no, but are making a comeback over tables and islands. Modern chandeliers are fabulous if you have high ceilings and a spacious floor plan, and work well in pairs.

A carefully thought out lighting plan combined with great design can be your kitchen’s best asset. And don’t forget ambience. The style of light you choose and how it’s controlled with dimming options is crucial to setting the right mood in your kitchen.

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