Clever Easter ideas that will impress the Easter Bunny

Easter often means plenty of time spent in the kitchen with the kids! If you’re hosting an Easter party or just want to treat the kids with something special, these simple and amazing Easter ideas will even impress the Easter Bunny!

Tablecloth Anchor

An outdoor party on a windy day can get messy, so don’t let your tablecloth blow away. Plastic toy eggs filled with jellybeans or lollies make fantastic anchors! Tie some ribbon around the eggs, punch a hole in the corner of the tablecloth and thread the ribbon through the hole.

Sneaky Carrots

Make some clever, juicy looking carrots to excite the Easter Bunny! Fill some clear plastic bags with orange lollies and tie them up with some decorative ribbon. These are one type of carrot your kids will be more than happy to eat!

Egg Nests

Take a small mixing bowl, cover the outside with double-sided sticky tape and wrap some hairy wool all over the bowl. You end up with an instant birds nest for your chocolate Easter eggs, which doubles as a wonderful Easter centerpiece for the kitchen table

Bunny Platter

Make a fresh fruit platter in the shape of a little rabbit. It’s simple, healthy and the kids will love him. He’ll be too cute to eat!

Marshmallow Baby Chicks

Again, too cute to eat! Press a yellow jellybean into the middle of a white marshmallow. Draw some wings and eyes with chocolate writing icing or a non-toxic pen, and add two toothpicks as legs. Simple!

Bunny Shaped Rolls

Roll some pastry dough into balls and snip the edge of the dough into two pointed rabbit ear shapes. Use a skewer to dot some eyes and bake the rolls. Your family will love these cute little bunnies on the dinner table!

From the team at A-Plan Kitchen, we wish everyone a safe and happy Easter in the kitchen this year!

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