Create a designer look with these kitchen tiles

Trends for kitchen tiles change all the time, and in the latest modern kitchens we’re seeing the trend move away from the recently popular sleek, monochrome glass splash backs. Instead, designer looks are being created with textured and patterned kitchen tiles.

Here’s a peek into what you can expect for 2017 when it comes to kitchen tile designs.

Get some height
Kitchen splash backs traditionally only go a little way up the wall, so instead, try taking your tiles all the way up to the ceiling. The whole wall then becomes a feature of the room.
Use natural materials
Recycled wood or metal creates a rustic designer kitchen look. Many natural materials are moisture resistant and don’t need grout or sealant to keep them in place.
Create a reflection
Mirrored tiles are becoming popular, and are a fantastic way to make a small kitchen feel bigger. They’re heat resistant and durable, and can easily be replaced if necessary.
Design a pattern
Custom made splash backs can be designed with any pattern that fits the look and feel of the kitchen. This pattern includes vines that weave around the power point.
Play with texture
Intricate patterns that are carved or embossed can create some incredible texture. These concrete tiles are embossed with a delicate pattern, yet the material is tough and hardwearing.
Create a theme
Ocean and nautical themes are popular, especially in homes close to the beach. Incorporate your theme into your kitchen tiles like this beach inspired home with shimmery, wave shaped tiles.

Incorporating colours, textures and patterns into your kitchen tiles allows you to create an interesting and unique designer look that enhances the room.

If you’re considering a customised kitchen tile look, speak to one of our designers to find out what your options are.