Declutter your kitchen with these 4 simple steps

In our busy lives, it’s all too easy for mess and clutter to accumulate in our homes, and the kitchen tends to be one of the main areas to attract clutter. Drawers get jammed full of all sorts of things, cupboards overflow and bench tops are lost under the mess. Sound familiar?


Well it’s not difficult to declutter, get organised and feel happy in your kitchen again. Here is our advice on the best ways to tackle the chaos and declutter your kitchen.


Start with your bench tops. This is the first thing you see when you walk into the kitchen, so start here. Grab a garbage bag and throw away everything you don’t need. You’ll be amazed at how much rubbish is actually stored on your bench tops! Empty your bins and take out items for recycling. Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher and wash them.


Then remove everything that shouldn’t be in the kitchen. Drink bottles, kids hats, bills, spare batteries, that screwdriver you used last week – put it all in its correct place. Clean and organise whatever is left that actually needs to stay on your bench top, like a fruit bowl or coffee machine. Scrub underneath these items, clean the whole bench top and place everything back neatly.


Next, tackle your drawers. Grab that garbage bag again and throw out everything you don’t use or need. Do you really need 14 different types of utensils to stir a pot for dinner? Get rid of them. It’s a good idea to pull everything out of your drawers, clean in the inside of the drawers and only put back (neatly!) the things you use and need.


Do the same with your cupboards. Pull everything out of your cupboards and give the shelves a good scrub. You’ll be amazed at some of the things you find at the back of a cupboard! An old fry pan you forgot you had, the saucepan lid you’ve been looking for for months. Throw away anything you haven’t used in the last 2 years and clean and organise the rest. Match up your plastic container bases and lids, and anything that is missing a partner can be thrown out.


By de-cluttering, you’ll create more drawer and cupboard space where items you truly need can be kept. When you declutter your kitchen you feel organised, less overwhelmed and your kitchen becomes a pleasure to be in once again.


If you think a new design is the answer to your de-clutter problem, speak with one of our Kitchen Consultants today about your options.