Design and safety tips for a pet friendly kitchen

Pets are just like an extra family member. We love them and want to look after them, and we do our best to create a safe and comfortable home for them to live in.

When it comes to meal times and the kitchen becomes a hive of activity, no doubt your four-legged fur friend wants to be involved in the action too. But problems can arise in the kitchen that make it unsafe for you and your pet. Luckily, there are some functional and practical design ideas you can incorporate into your kitchen to keep everyone happy.

Keeping your pets safe

Unfortunately, pets can become injured from accidents that occur in the kitchen.

  • A cat’s delicate paws can easily burn if they jump up onto a hot stovetop. You can prevent this by installing an induction stove that will only heat up when there is a pot on it. Or, get some stove burner covers to put over the elements when they’re not being used.
  •  Don’t tempt your pets with a rubbish bin they can easily access. They could scoff down all sorts of scraps that are harmful for them (like chicken bones and spoiled food), and leave a huge mess for you to clean up! Put your bin in a purpose built cupboard with sliding rails and a lid that can’t be easily opened by a snout or paw.

Pet friendly kitchen design

When pets get in and around your feet in the kitchen, it can be annoying and dangerous. By creating their own designated place in the kitchen, you can keep them and all their pet ware in one safe and convenient place.

It’s easy to create a custom cabinet just for your pets that can house their food and water bowls out of the way, and can provide a space for you to keep their food, treats and other belongings.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and your pets love to be close to you, you can even incorporate a built in pet bed into a kitchen island.

Or, if you prefer to keep your pooch out of the kitchen when you’re cooking, try installing a pet gate. They can still see you but will be out of the harms way.

A few simple design changes to your kitchen can make all the difference for you and your fur babies. Speak to us today about a custom designed pet cabinet for your kitchen.