Eurocucina 2012 – Baroque and bizarre…!

Eurocucina is a barometer of exquisite taste and as you’d expect there are hundreds of beautiful kitchens here. But there are also kitchens which are so ‘over the top’ in design …and others which are just weird and wacky.

Before I get to the absolutely gorgeous, I couldn’t resist showing you a selection of kitchens which are truly ‘out there’ – in a place on their own!

Now this is baroque!


This kitchen would not look out of place in the Palace of Versailles and the candelabra absolutely belongs, doesn’t it? Take note of the onyx benchtop and splashback, each with lighting behind. Well, what sort of onyx benchtop doesn’t have back lighting, after all? The decorative work on the cabinetry is exquisite, if a touch elaborate!

Marie Antoinette – come back, all is forgiven!


If Marie Antoinette were to be reincarnated in the 21st century, she’d belong in a kitchen like this, don’t you think? If you reckon I’m joking, take a look at the woman on the far right of the picture! The curve in the (checker board backed) island is matched by the curve in the waterfall chandelier above and this is echoed by the uniquely shaped range hood.

Every kitchen needs a column…or two.


What self respecting kitchen doesn’t deserve its own columns? And this one would be positively naked without them! Perhaps this kitchen may be out of place in the average Australian suburban home…then again, if you had high ceilings…?

The ‘Ettamoogah Pub’ kitchen


It’s exquisitely detailed, every component is hand crafted and its very expensive…so where would you put this kitchen? Well it’s so eccentric, I could picture it in the Ettamooga Pub! Then again, if you have truly eclectic tastes – this could be the kitchen of your dreams..?

There are butterflies in the kitchen!


This is a beautiful kitchen, the craftsmanship is outstanding and it’s got more butterflies than the tropical hothouse at the Melbourne zoo. Let’s face it – it’s a fantasy kitchen but no less outstanding for that…

Anyone for a brandy and a cigar?


I just had to include this one. When I saw this kitchen I thought I’d stumbled into the Melbourne Club! Just a bit of decorative joinery to enhance the range hood and island bench! It makes you feel inclined to dress up for breakfast, doesn’t it?

Hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the weird and wonderful. More exciting kitchens tomorrow!