Eurocucina 2012 – Setting the tone with colour

Eurocucina has always been a showcase for colours when it comes to kitchens but this year many have said that the GFC has cast a somber mood on the kitchen displays. While it’s true that muted colours and the use of natural timbers and stone is strongly represented, bold colours are still to be seen in large numbers. In this blog, I wanted to show how colour can be used to create a mood and make a statement when it comes to kitchens.

Making a bold statement


Orange is a stimulating and exciting colour which is seldom used in such a bold way as this kitchen. Here the strong use of orange on the cupboards and island bench is offset by the contrasting white on the splash back, the tall cupboards to the right and the clever drape inserted in the island around and below the cooktop. A masterful design touch is the reverse orange on the open shelves and the brilliant free form light above the cooktop. Wow!

How cool are these colours?


By way of contrast to the orange, the use of these cool blues has a calming effect. The aqua blue recalls the ocean and the fabulous curved shape of the island bench is reminiscent of the prow of an ocean liner. The use of a soft grey in the amongst the blue and green panelling provides a mute contrast to strong colours and reflects the stainless steel of the bench top and surrounding appliances. A stunningly beautiful kitchen!

Oriental flavour


The use of two shades of red (warm & cool) and a strong yellow contrasts with a continuous thread of black on the benchtop, table and in the furniture – tying both this kitchen and adjoining dining/living area together. The choice of furniture and rectangular styling evoke an oriental flavour to this amazing space.

Licorice allsort


This simple black and white kitchen has been lifted into another dimension by the fabulous use of lime and raspberry pink on the surrounding panels. There is nothing elaborate in the cabinetry, just a beautiful balance of colours and great styling make this a kitchen which stands out from the crowd.

Excitement plus!


The red in this kitchen not only screams out – ‘look at me’ , it provides a dramatic contrast and adds warmth to the surrounding timber cabinetry. Also the high gloss finish on all the red surfaces enhances the texture of the adjoining timber. You can see why Ferraris are most commonly red!

Not from the bronze age!


I’ve left this kitchen until last because it’s just so stunning! The shape of the island bench with its accompanying open shelves creates almost a sculptural piece…but it’s the clever use of colour which helps to make such a powerful design statement. The choice of peacock blue and bronze is a masterstroke and the clever addition of yellow elements in the styling is brilliant!

Kitchens like these inspire every designer! More to come…