Eurocucina 2012 – things I liked!

I hoped you’ve enjoyed my blogs to date from the world’s greatest kitchen fair. Sadly, my European jaunt is coming to an end. But I’ve taken over 600 photos at Eurocucina and in the coming weeks I’ll reflect more fully on the future trends in kitchen design. In the meantime, I thought I’d put together a fun blog about the things I saw and liked with no particular theme or emphasis.

Gardens in the kitchen


Need some fresh basil for your paste sauce? How about this miniature hothouse for your kitchen wall so you can grow your fresh herbs nearby? Pretty cute, don’t you think?

Now this kitchen is almost bringing the home garden indoors! It’s bordering on overgrown but isn’t it beautiful? I just love the idea of having so much greenery around. It also compliments the use of natural materials like timber and stone in this kitchen.

Fun and funky lighting


I’m not sure what’s hotter, the lights or the chillies? Aren’t they great?….the lights I mean! Talk about creating a feature for the room!


I just had to include these – what a fantastic and creative use for a bunch of saucepans! ScanPan may not be impressed but this is one of the most spectacular lighting displays I’ve ever seen. Incidentally, check out the use of fresh tomatoes in the walls of this kitchen display, it was one of the most funky exhibits at Eurocucina.


Isn’t this coloured chandellier just beautiful? A variation on a well known theme but doesn’t it reinvent the traditional concept a give it a whole new meaning? I love it!

Removable finishes


Imagine being able to change the finishes on your cabinets to suit your changing tastes or colour schemes? Well, with these cabinets you can do just that! These finishes pealed off just like giant fridge magnets. That’s clever!

Cute brushes!


What do a bunch of cute coloured brushes have to do with kitchens, I hear you ask? Well, nothing really…I just liked them!