Eurocucina 2014 – Function gets fashion

We all love kitchen appliances because they make our life easier and take the drudgery out of mundane household tasks. But until recently, the worth of a kitchen appliance was judged on its ability to perform a set task rather than its appearance.

Today, that’s all changed because kitchen appliances have become an important part of the overall design of a the kitchen enabling designers to enhance the look they want to achieve through their choice of appliance.

Of course, Eurocucina is a showcase for the most cutting edge kitchen appliances in terms of both function and fashion, so we thought we’d show you some examples.


They look like a bunch of giant ladies’ powder compacts…can you guess what they are? Believe it or not, they’re range hoods – aren’t they fabulous!


How about this latest cooktop from Smeg? It uses birds as trivets to support your pots and pans.


Speaking of cooktops, Siemens are showcasing the latest induction appliance which follows your pan anywhere you place it on the heating surface.


This one we simply couldn’t resist. We’ve all heard of the car fridge but what about a fridge in the shape of a car. This Fiat 500 fridge from Smeg is very cute!

That’s it for today. We’ll have more Eurocucina news for you tomorrow.