Eurocucina 2014 – Timber is back!

Timber has always been a popular material for use in kitchens because of its warmth and richness as well as its variety and texture. However, the scarcity of natural timbers has made it increasingly expensive to use and in recent years, global tastes have swung towards smooth, painted finishes.

Well, the kitchens on show at Eurocucina would suggest that timber and natural finishes are on the way back. And not just solid timber either but timber veneers and even timber textured laminates, which is good news for those seeking a fabulous, natural timber look without an exorbitant price!

Today, we’re going to highlight a selection of kitchens where timber is used for subtle or dramatic effect, often in combination with other materials. Together they show the enormous versatility of this beautiful material.


This dramatic black marble and timber kitchen is striking in its simplicity. The warmth of the timber is offset by the coolness of the stone!


This striking, gloss orange kitchen is completely hidden behind a wall of timber panels so you wouldn’t even know it was there! The fridge and oven are at either end.


The highlight of this kitchen is the huge slab of natural timber on the bench top contrasting dramatically with the gloss white finish on all other surfaces.


In this stylish kitchen, timber is used to add a subtle touch of warmth through open shelves in the island and on the surrounding walls. Using timber sparingly like this can enhance the look of any kitchen without substantially increasing the price.

Well, that’s all from Eurocucina for this week. Next week, will reflect further on the coming trends for the Australian kitchen market.