Fall in love with your Kitchen this Valentine’s Day

One of the most classic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to cook a romantic dinner-for-two and create a special memory with the person you love.


While pouring some love into the meal you’re cooking is most definitely called for, there are some other ways to enhance that loving feeling in your kitchen.


Make it visually appealing

  • Clear away all your clutter, tidy up and make sure your kitchen is clean and sparkling. Nothing spoils romance more than mess!
  • Fill the kitchen and dining room with soft, tea light candles to create a romantic atmosphere
  • Set the table with a white table cloth and red napkins, and have a vase of fresh cut flowers on display
  • Get some tea towels, oven mitts and other kitchen accessories with love hearts or a Valentine’s Day print on them


Make it smell delicious

  • As your date enters the room, let them be hit by the mouthwatering aromas of your dinner-for-two
  • Add some scented candles for an aromatic delight
  • Simmer a few cinnamon sticks and vanilla pods in a pot on the stove
  • Choose flowers for the table that give off a beautiful scent as well as look amazing
  • Make sure you’ve emptied the garbage bin and have cleaned the bin receptacle with a lemon scented spray


Make it sound wonderful

  • Turn off the TV and play some soft, romantic music or your favourite tunes in the background
  • Open the window and let the sounds of nature in
  • Turn off all your noisy appliances that don’t need to be on


Make it comfortable

  • Have a pre-dinner drink somewhere comfortable like the lounge room or in an outside entertainment area
  • Add cushions and pillows to any hard chairs to make them look great as well as feel more comfortable
  • Create a warm and inviting environment that is physically comfortable and emotionally welcoming


So, invite your date, plan a fabulous meal and make the most of your kitchen and romantic home cooking this Valentines Day. To create a kitchen you and your loved ones will always want to be in, contact our Kitchen Design Specialists today to book in a Consult