Features of French Provincial Design in Sydney Homes

The French provincial furniture style is reticent of the furniture style that became popular in the south of France during the 17th and 18th centuries. Despite being quite old, the French style is far from dated, and can be incorporated into modern homes to provide a unique and classy finish to any home. Here’s some of the key aesthetic features of the French provincial style to lookout for when designing the spaces in your home. Contact A Plan Kitchens today for French provincial houses design.

1. Natural Warm Tones

One of the most iconic features of the French style is the selection of a colour palette of warm and natural tones. A spectrum of white, neutral, grey and cream is fairly common when it comes to French provincial furniture. Rustic wood furniture pieces such as chairs and dining tables also add a warm and earthy feel to the room.-

2. Central Kitchen Island

When it comes to the kitchen, one of the most iconic features of French provincial houses is the use of a central kitchen island. The island usually takes on the same shade and finish as the rest of the cabinetry within the kitchen to maintain a consistent colour palette. If you’re really looking to execute the French provincial style to a tee, add an overhead compartment above the kitchen island for hanging pots and pans.

3. Wrought Iron Pieces

Another one of the key aesthetic features of French provincial houses is the use of wrought iron furniture pieces. Wrought iron can present itself in the home in many ways, in the form of candlesticks, or as handrails for staircases or low hanging chandeliers. The contract between the wrought iron pieces and the rustic wood furniture is one of the key features that makes the French provincial style so iconic.

4. Antique French Provincial Furniture

The finishing touches can be added to your new French style home through the installation of French provincial furniture. These furniture pieces will also follow the aforementioned key features of the French style, including natural warm tones, rustic wooden appearance or wrought iron finishing.

5. Gold Accents

Consistent with the warm colour palettes often seen with French provincial furniture, the use of brass gold or gold finishing creates a warm ambience in French provincial houses. Incorporating gold elements in mirrors and dressers.

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