Get healthy and organised with these pantry storage ideas

Happy New Year!

It’s pretty common for many people to start the New Year with a few resolutions, and getting healthy is a popular one. Most health experts will advise people to start with a kitchen clean out, with a focus on the fridge and pantry. The idea is to rid your kitchen of unhealthy foods to make way for the new menu you’ll be feasting from.

If pantry storage and organization is not your forte, don’t worry. With a few simple accessories you can quickly transform your pantry into something that will impress Martha Stewart.

Here’s how to make the most of the space you have by being clever with your pantry storage.

1) Use the right containers

Using plastic or glass storage containers that are stackable makes the most of your vertical space. Choosing clear, see-through containers are even better. You’ll quickly and easily be able to see what’s in the containers without having to label anything.

2) Use dividers

You can make more space in your pantry by using dividers to again make the most of your vertical space. Buy some tension curtain rods that can expand to the height of any shelf, and use these to create slots for your chopping boards, thin baking trays and platters.

3) Use roll out drawers

Installing roll out drawers in your shelves eliminates that scramble that comes from trying to find something at the back of the shelf. Simply pull the drawer toward you to have access to everything you need.

4) Use baskets

Adding some slim line wire baskets to the inside of your cupboard doors makes good use of that small amount of space between the end of the shelf and the door. Slim baskets mean the door will still close, but give you a space to store your bottles, herb jars and tinned food.

5) Use turntables

 A Turntables inside your cupboards, particularly in a corner style pantry, lets you access items that would otherwise be lost in the back. A double storey turntable gives you an extra shelf and makes even better use of your space.

With plenty of new space available in your pantry, you’ll have no excuse for not being able to stock your pantry with healthy foods and kitchen gadgets that will keep you on track to achieve your health goals.

Need some help with your pantry or kitchen? Speak to one of our kitchen design consultants who will be happy to answer your questions.