Get your kitchen ready for stress-free Christmas cooking

Christmas is probably the busiest event of the year when it comes to putting your kitchen to use. It’s often a hive of activity where all your Christmas cooking and socializing takes place.

But before you can start any Christmas cooking, you need to get your kitchen ready. By following our simple preparation tips, you can be sure of an enjoyable and stress-free Christmas ahead.

De-clutter your bench tops

This not only makes your kitchen look cleaner, tidier and bigger, it’s practical because it gives you more bench space for food preparation and cooking. Put away all your mail, drink bottles, keys, sunglasses and whatever else is lying around and use the extra space for cooking.

If you have appliances such as a food processor or blender on your bench top that you won’t need for Christmas, put it away to make extra room. Clean and polish all your bench tops, splash backs and floors and you’re ready to go!

Clean your oven and microwave

When someone offers to help you heat up some food or check on the turkey and potatoes, it can be embarrassing if your microwave or oven are food splattered and filthy!

Give them a clean before you start cooking. It will also make cleaning up after Christmas day easier.

Clean out your fridge

Your fridge is going to be jam-packed with food and drinks at Christmas, so have a good clean out a few days before you stock up on Christmas food.

Throw out anything that’s past its use-by date, rearrange your jars and bottles so they fit better, and wipe down the shelves and inner door.

Cooking for a large number of people at Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful if you prepare your kitchen properly and get organized. Do as much ahead of time as you can so you can enjoy the time with your family and friends.