Hire the Best Chef’s Kitchen Designers Sydney

Whether you’re a professional chef or a passionate home cook, having a kitchen that is tailored to your needs is essential. A chef’s kitchen is a kitchen that is designed to the exact preferences and specifications of the head chef in a restaurant, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. When arranging kitchen design for chefs, it’s important to hire a kitchen designer who knows the ins and outs of professional kitchen design. A Plan Kitchens specialises in the design and installation of high-quality kitchens. Whether you’re looking to build a kitchen at home or a professional kitchen in your restaurant business, we’re here to help. Contact A Plan Kitchens today for chef kitchen design.

Regular Kitchen vs Professional Kitchen

Professional kitchen design differs from regular kitchens in the sense that professional kitchens are built specifically to handle large turnover and high output. In addition, kitchen design for chefs is also expected to house heavy duty appliances and as a result, they require ample space for storage. Whilst a regular kitchen is often used to prepare meals for families and friends, a professional kitchen is used to prepare food for a much larger number of people. As a result, the kitchen needs to be optimised for productivity and efficiency.

Restaurant Specific Appliances

When designing a kitchen that is custom made for a restaurant, the designer needs to account for the restaurant-specific appliances that need to be installed. For example, in a wood fire pizza restaurant, the designer needs to account for the wood fire oven to be placed in the restaurant, as well as the accompanying chimney and ventilation systems. On the other hand, burger shop needs to dedicate a large portion of its floor space to grills. As a result, it’s important that the kitchen designer you choose is familiar with restaurant specific requirements of the restaurant you’re planning to build to ensure the kitchen is as effective as possible.

Storage Solutions

A chef kitchen design ideally has ample storage available within the kitchen for all the various utensils and appliances that are used by the chefs in the restaurant. In a commercial kitchen where food is prepared en masse, having one of each appliance or utensil may not be enough. As a result, restaurant owners and chefs often purchase large quantities of the appliances they need. The storage solutions in a commercial kitchen need to be able to house all the equipment in the kitchen. Sufficient storage allows the chef to reduce clutter and frees up counter space, which can be used for the preparation of food.

When you’re designing a kitchen for a restaurant, it’s important to hire someone who understands the intricacies of kitchen design. Contact us online or call us on 1300 207 948 for kitchen design for chefs.