How different finishes can change the look of your Kitchen

The best designed kitchens always have the perfect finishes for a complete look. Find out how different kitchen finishes can change the look of your kitchen.

Deciding on the right finishes can be one of the most challenging parts of planning a new kitchen. Whilst there are no set rules when it comes to choosing materials and finishes, there are some general guidelines that will help you choose finishes that look incredible.

Bench tops

Start with your bench tops because these are often the biggest single surface area. Use this as a basis for colour and texture and to choose the finishes for the rest of the kitchen.

Bench tops need to be durable more than anything because they are a work surface. Granite or Caesarstone are popular choices, and stainless steel is a hardwearing option. For colour choices, aim for a light shade, and for materials, a smooth surface will be practical and easy to clean.


Cabinets are easily noticed because they are often at eye level. With a multitude of door finishes available, it can be hard to know what is going to suit your kitchen the best.

Vacuum formed doors offer a comprehensive range of colours, profiles and surface finish options. This range is non-porous and easy to clean so all surfaces will retain their beauty! Laminate and polyurethane timber offer many colours and styles to choose from, so the sky is the limit when it comes to options to really make your kitchen stand out. 

Then there’s Timber! If you are looking for a luxury finish that requires little maintenance, this could be the solution for your kitchen. Even the finish of the timber can be changed to freshen up your kitchen whenever you please. You can stain it, lime wash or paint it a different colour. 

No door finish is entirely scratch resistant, so if you have a family, the texture, pattern and gloss level of your cabinets needs to be well thought out. As for colour, sticking to a small and light palette will keep the space open and bright.

The finishing touches

This is where you can play with some contrast. If your bench tops and cabinet doors are light, go with a darker splashback, or even add a pattern. Other small finishes such as tap-ware, lighting, fixtures and appliances literally are the finishing touches that can tie the look of your kitchen all together.

The best designed kitchens always have the perfect finishes to make the kitchen complete. To see the range of finishes we have to offer, please browse through our gallery. With A-Plan, you won’t need a plan B. You can start your A-Plan by booking in your complimentary consultation here.