How to choose family friendly kitchen cleaning products

Regular kitchen cleaning products might be great for sterilising your kitchen and home, but they’re not so great if you suffer from allergies, have sensitive skin or want to do your bit for the environment.


Going green with products that are safe for the environment, your family and pets is easier than you might think. There are plenty of options available that still do a terrific job of cleaning your kitchen and maintaining your health and safety.


Here are some tips to consider if you’re looking to make the change to family friendly kitchen cleaning products.


1. Look for cleaning products that are safer. Try to find ones that are less caustic and labeled non-toxic, petroleum-free, biodegradable, phosphate-free, VOC-free or solvent-free. Always check the ingredients list, because many are labeled safe when in fact they aren’t. Many companies specialise in only manufacturing safe products, so keep an eye out for those.


2. It’s ok to dilute your products. If you want to stick with your current cleaning products until they run out, it’s fine to dilute them with water. They will still be effective but will be less harsh and safer for your family, and you’ll save money.


3. Make your own products. Making your own cleaning products is easy, less expensive and you know exactly what’s going into them. Baking soda, lemon juice and water makes a great kitchen cleaning product for bench tops and stainless steel surfaces, as does diluted vinegar for cleaning windows.


4. Know the baddies. Be aware of what’s good and what isn’t, and steer clear of the nasty ingredients. These include ammonia, antibacterials and disinfectants, bleach, chlorine, phosphates and phthalates. Many of these are toxic if swallowed, can damage your nervous system, can irritate skin and eyes, and even disrupt your hormones!


Cleaning your kitchen and home with family friendly products will do just as good a job as the chemical laden alternatives, and will be better for your health and the environment. Make a change today!


If you are making a change to your kitchen book in a consult with one of our kitchen design specialists here.