How to choose the perfect kitchen splashbacks

Splashbacks are an important part of your kitchen. Their main purpose is to protect the walls of your kitchen from heat, water, food splatters and grease that arise from cooking. They’re also a place where you can dramatically change the look of your kitchen, let your personality shine and your creativity run wild.

The massive array of choices available for colours, styles and materials can make choosing a splashback seem a tad overwhelming. To keep things simple and help you decide on a great splashback, we’ve outlined 4 fundamental things to consider.

  1. Choose your benchtop. Yes, the first step to choosing a splashback is to choose your benchtop! Benchtops are often easier to choose because there are fewer options available, so if you do this first, finding a splashback to match isn’t quite as difficult. This is also when you’ll need to decide if your splashback is going to match and blend into the kitchen or stand out as a feature. 
  2. Choose your material. The choice of materials for splashbacks generally comes down to three main options – tiles, stainless steel or glass. Tiles are a traditional choice and allow you to create patterns and mosaic features, however they tend to be harder to keep clean. Stainless steel is commonly used in commercial kitchens and is a popular choice for people wanting a more industrial style in their kitchen. Glass is becoming the post popular modern choice because it is so easy to clean and has a great range of colour options to choose from.
  3. Choose your colour. The colour you choose will depend on the material you’ve chosen. It also depends whether you want your splashback to blend in with the rest of the kitchen or stand out as a feature. Tiles can be monochrome or multi-coloured, whereas glass splashbacks tend to be a single, bold colour. Stainless steel does not give you any colour options.
  4. Consider a feature splashback. The options for feature splashbacks are almost endless! You can go for a striking colour or pearlescent finish, some textured material or a digitally printed image behind glass. A mirror is something different and will make a small kitchen feel bigger, and funky tiles allow you to express your personality through design.

Splashbacks should be installed by a professional kitchen installer so you can be sure they are sealed correctly and are unlikely to crack. If you’d like to speak with one of our expert consultants about your design and installation options, please call us.