How to create big ideas in a small kitchen

Small stature

While there are still many Australians who dream of owning a McMansion, it’s no longer a given that we all want big homes. Many Australians are opting for smaller properties and smaller rooms, including the kitchen. Fortunately for them, there are so many brilliant storage, design and practical ideas to make a small kitchen a delight to cook and entertain in. Here’s how to create big ideas in a small kitchen.

Colour choices

It is amazing what a coat of paint can do to a small room such as a small kitchen. A great idea is to opt for light colour walls such as white walls to make the room appear bigger. An off-white is fine, too, and depending on the home as a whole, bright colours can give a kitchen a perky vibrance though it is best to keep the bright colours to a minimum.

Storage solutions

Kitchen storage and cabinets need to be extremely efficient. Choose cabinets that use every centimetre of space available. Vertical dividers, door shelves, and interior drawers help stack and organise items so everything is within reach.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are the best storage option for cramped spaces. Unlike cabinets, the open shelves offer flexible storage and organising options without visually hampering the space. The clean lines of the uncluttered shelves are modern and neat.


If you have windows ensure that you let as much natural light in as possible. The opened windows extend the visual horizon making the room appear bigger. Installing skylights is another great option.

Vertical storage: drawers

Storage is obvious a vital consideration for a small kitchen but there are lots of big ideas to make the room functional. Be creative, and make the best use of all the space available. Vertical drawers are ideal for using up the awkward gaps between appliances, walls or cabinets.


Countertop space is a premium in functional kitchens. When you lack workspace availability, get creative with pull-outs. You can even install everyday items like a chopping board (hidden but pulls-out) and even link it to a garbage chute and a garbage receptacle underneath, increasing kitchen work efficiency.

Drawer organisers

Keeping your small kitchen neat and uncluttered is a big step towards making it appear bigger. Keep the counters clear and cabinets neat. Be sure to include kitchen drawer organisers to keep all your kitchen stuff in place, away from sight yet in easy reach.

Clever fixtures

When you have a small kitchen, one big idea is to go big on the fixtures. Put your personal touch in the room, whether that be quirky fixtures like a modern clock, eye-catching drop lights or a kitchen island with a difference such as a repurposed pallet.

Small kitchens are only limited by your imagination. A-Plan has the experience to assist you when designing your compact but flexible small kitchen. Talk to us today.