Interzum Trade Fair 2007

Innovation at Interzum 2007

If Italy is the home of style then Germany is where the world looks for innovation. And the showplace for German innovation in furniture design and manufacturing is the bi-annual Interzum Trade Fair.

A-Plan Kitchens joined more than 115,000 visitors from 57 countries who attended Interzum 2007 in May this year to explore the latest European ideas in design and interior concepts.

Below is a summary of some emerging trends, particularly as they impact on current and future kitchen design.


The extensive use of LED lighting is the big new trend sweeping Europe. This creates contrasts and dramatic effects. For example, lighting the insides of cupboards, splash backs and drawers and setting kickboards back to create the impression of floating cabinets.

Automation and Remote Controls

Wireless remote controls, sensor switches and automation of cabinetry give the home owner complete command of their modern kitchen from its exterior appearance to its interior contents.

Flush Mounted Stove Tops and Sinks

Flush mounted stove tops and sinks not only provide a sleek and stylish look with smooth lines, they’re also more practical for cleaning as they eliminate those telltale ridges where grime and germs can gather.

STOP PRESS!! – Flush mounted sinks and cook tops now in Australia

Abey Australia has recently released a range of cook tops and sinks designed to be flush mounted.  The flush fitting profile includes a range of coordinated design themes which can be through from sinks to cook tops and other accessories.

The ‘Select’ flush mount series of cook tops offer a seamless finish with your bench top, creating an elegant and cohesive style like none before.

For see how these latest flush mounted appliances can add style and impact to your kitchen, visit our Camperdown showroom.