How to create big ideas in a small kitchen

By A-Plan Kitchens | November 14, 2017

Small stature While there are still many Australians who dream of owning a McMansion, it’s no longer a given that we all want big homes. Many Australians are opting for smaller properties and smaller rooms, including the kitchen. Fortunately for them, there are so many brilliant storage, design and practical ideas to make a small […]

The perfect kitchen work triangle

By A-Plan Kitchens | October 16, 2017

Kitchen upgrades If you are thinking of building a new kitchen, renovating a kitchen or sprucing up your existing kitchen to modernise it or before putting your house on the market, it is a very good idea to become familiar with the concept of the perfect kitchen work triangle. What is a kitchen work triangle […]

The Digital Kitchen: How Smart Is Your Kitchen?

By A-Plan Kitchens | September 11, 2017

These days, advanced technology is everywhere. We’ve got driverless cars, hairbrushes with Wi-Fi and wristbands that measure your heart rate. So it’s not surprising to see a new wave of technology entering our kitchens. Kitchen appliances have been cleverly integrated with smartphones and just about everything connects to the Internet in some way. If you’re […]

The kitchen appliance guide to help you make the right choice

By A-Plan Kitchens | August 9, 2017

Choosing the right appliances for your new kitchen is something that needs to be done in the planning and design phase of your build. This is because the specifications and dimensions for each appliance will have to be factored into the overall layout and design of the kitchen. Since this is one of the first […]

Kitchen renovation problems: how you can avoid costly mistakes

By A-Plan Kitchens | July 10, 2017

Everyone has heard of a kitchen renovation horror story, where the kitchen company went AWOL half way through the build, the project went massively over budget or things just didn’t work. If you’re about to embark on a new kitchen build, there are a few tips that can help make sure yours is a complete […]

Why a new kitchen will add value to your home

By A-Plan Kitchens | June 8, 2017

When it comes to adding value to your home, no other room in the house offers more of a return on investment than the kitchen. It’s the hub of the home and can make or break a sale, so if you’re looking to sell, don’t be afraid to invest some money in updating your kitchen. […]

Design and safety tips for a pet friendly kitchen

By A-Plan Kitchens | May 1, 2017

Pets are just like an extra family member. We love them and want to look after them, and we do our best to create a safe and comfortable home for them to live in. When it comes to meal times and the kitchen becomes a hive of activity, no doubt your four-legged fur friend wants […]

5 kitchen layout mistakes you don’t want to make

By A-Plan Kitchens | March 28, 2017

No matter what size your kitchen is, or how many people are going to be in it at any one time, a kitchen that is poorly laid out is going to lead to frustration and traffic jams! Kitchen design is far more important than simply the colour of your cabinets or the type of door […]

How to choose the perfect kitchen cookware set

By A-Plan Kitchens | March 14, 2017

Kitchen cookware is a worthwhile investment, and any home cook knows that having the right tools on hand makes the job easier and more enjoyable. But with so many different options available for cookware, how do you know what to invest in? Do you need cast iron or stainless steel? Enamel or copper? Non-stick or […]

How to create an eco-friendly green kitchen

By A-Plan Kitchens | February 15, 2017

If you’re conscious about your health or the environment, there’s a good chance you’re already a little bit green. Perhaps you make a daily green smoothie, have a veggie patch or make your own chemical-free cleaning products. Why not take it one step further with an eco friendly green kitchen? A green kitchen is better […]