Get healthy and organised with these pantry storage ideas

By A-Plan Kitchens | January 12, 2017

Happy New Year! It’s pretty common for many people to start the New Year with a few resolutions, and getting healthy is a popular one. Most health experts will advise people to start with a kitchen clean out, with a focus on the fridge and pantry. The idea is to rid your kitchen of unhealthy […]

Get festive with these kitchen Christmas decorating ideas

By A-Plan Kitchens | December 9, 2016

Christmas is a fun and magical time of the year, and you can’t get into the Christmas spirit without a bit of home decorating. The kitchen is usually the hub of activity at Christmas time, so what better place to focus your decorating efforts than in the kitchen? If you’re not sure where to start, […]

Create a designer look with these kitchen tiles

By A-Plan Kitchens | November 10, 2016

Trends for kitchen tiles change all the time, and in the latest modern kitchens we’re seeing the trend move away from the recently popular sleek, monochrome glass splash backs. Instead, designer looks are being created with textured and patterned kitchen tiles. Here’s a peek into what you can expect for 2017 when it comes to […]

Kitchen lighting ideas to brighten up your space

By A-Plan Kitchens | October 11, 2016

Interior designers say the most effective lighting for kitchens comes in four distinct layers blended together – task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting. Get this right and you’ll create a warm and inviting environment that is a practical workspace and entertaining area.  So how can you recreate a designer look in your own kitchen? Here […]

Kitchen design trends for 2017 that you can use today

By A-Plan Kitchens | September 7, 2016

Kitchen design trends come in and out of fashion. What was popular in the 80s is not so sought after now! So what kitchen design trends can we expect for 2017? Let’s take a look at some of the colours, layouts and materials that you can start to use right now. Bright colours are making […]

Declutter your kitchen with these 4 simple steps

By A-Plan Kitchens | August 4, 2016

In our busy lives, it’s all too easy for mess and clutter to accumulate in our homes, and the kitchen tends to be one of the main areas to attract clutter. Drawers get jammed full of all sorts of things, cupboards overflow and bench tops are lost under the mess. Sound familiar?   Well it’s […]

Why working with a kitchen company can save thousands on your new kitchen.

By A-Plan Kitchens | July 19, 2016

When you make the exciting decision to get a new kitchen, you’ll quickly realise you have more than one option for the design, supply and installation of your kitchen. The first and main question you’ll have to answer is whether to build the kitchen yourself or use a professional kitchen company to do it for […]

How to choose family friendly kitchen cleaning products

By A-Plan Kitchens | June 9, 2016

Regular kitchen cleaning products might be great for sterilising your kitchen and home, but they’re not so great if you suffer from allergies, have sensitive skin or want to do your bit for the environment.   Going green with products that are safe for the environment, your family and pets is easier than you might […]

How to choose the perfect kitchen splashbacks

By A-Plan Kitchens | May 24, 2016

Splashbacks are an important part of your kitchen. Their main purpose is to protect the walls of your kitchen from heat, water, food splatters and grease that arise from cooking. They’re also a place where you can dramatically change the look of your kitchen, let your personality shine and your creativity run wild. The massive […]

Update the look of your kitchen with kitchen door handles

By A-Plan Kitchens | May 9, 2016

The humble little door handle might seem small and insignificant when it comes to kitchen design, but it can actually have a dramatic effect on the overall look of your kitchen. By simply changing your kitchen door handles you can give your kitchen a mini-makeover and an updated, modern look.   Kitchen door handles are […]