Eurocucina 2014 is coming!

By A-Plan Kitchens | June 26, 2014

More than 350,000 visitors from all parts of the globe will descend upon Milan, Italy on Tuesday 8th April 2014, for the world’s greatest kitchen fair – Eurocucina. Held every two years, Eurocucina provides a showcase for the best in kitchen design and innovation. It’s where all the latest trends in style, colour, texture, materials […]

Eurocucina 2012 – things I liked!

By A-Plan Kitchens | June 26, 2012

I hoped you’ve enjoyed my blogs to date from the world’s greatest kitchen fair. Sadly, my European jaunt is coming to an end. But I’ve taken over 600 photos at Eurocucina and in the coming weeks I’ll reflect more fully on the future trends in kitchen design. In the meantime, I thought I’d put together […]

Eurocucina 2012 – Kitchen Integration

By A-Plan Kitchens | June 26, 2012

Like most of us, I grew up in a household where the kitchen was isolated from the rest of the house. Now, thanks to our changing lifestyles, the kitchen has become central to the modern family home. It’s the place to entertain family and friends, to prepare and share meals and to catch up at […]

Eurocucina 2012 – Setting the tone with colour

By A-Plan Kitchens | June 26, 2012

Eurocucina has always been a showcase for colours when it comes to kitchens but this year many have said that the GFC has cast a somber mood on the kitchen displays. While it’s true that muted colours and the use of natural timbers and stone is strongly represented, bold colours are still to be seen […]

Eurocucina 2012 – Baroque and bizarre…!

By A-Plan Kitchens | June 26, 2012

Eurocucina is a barometer of exquisite taste and as you’d expect there are hundreds of beautiful kitchens here. But there are also kitchens which are so ‘over the top’ in design …and others which are just weird and wacky. Before I get to the absolutely gorgeous, I couldn’t resist showing you a selection of kitchens […]

Eurocucina 2012 – Curves are in

By A-Plan Kitchens | June 25, 2012

They came from the four corners of the globe to the greatest kitchen show on earth and once again, Eurocucina didn’t disappoint! As a woman, I’m happy to confirm that size doesn’t matter – but at the FieraMilano, it’s hard to ignore the scale of the place. After all, there are 24 pavilions (each half […]

Before and After Kitchen Competition

By A-Plan Kitchens | December 24, 2011

A kitchen renovation can completely transform the heart of your home from a dark and dingy hole to a vibrant place for entertaining family and friends. Here are just a few examples of recent renovations by A-Plan Kitchens’ customers. Win $300 for best Before and After Kitchen Renovation! We think you’d agree the transformations are […]

Mavropodis family wins a new bench top!

By A-Plan Kitchens | July 1, 2010

Helen Mavropodis and her family are the lucky winners of the A-Plan Caesarstone bench top competition. A family of four including two teenagers, Helen and her husband Scott were inspired to undertake their kitchen renovation with A-Plan kitchens after Scott helped his friend Harry Kostalidis install their A-Plan kitchen in 2007. The finished kitchen was […]

Eurocucina 2010 – The world’s kitchen catwalk

By A-Plan Kitchens | June 24, 2010

Despite the impact of the global financial crisis and the grounding of planes from volcanic ash in April this year, some 329,563 exhibitors and visitors from around the globe flocked to the biennial Eurocucina Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition in Milan, the largest in the world. Eurocucina is to kitchens what the Paris catwalk is to […]

Erin and Russell

By A-Plan Kitchens | April 2, 2010

A family of four from Sydney, Erin and Russell and their children, Riley and India have experienced more than their fair share of tough times. Since Russell suffered a stroke in 2004, Erin has nursed him through a partial rehabilitation, often working two jobs to keep the family afloat. In 2007, Erin was diagnosed with […]