Popular Shaker Style Furniture Characteristics

You may be wondering, ‘what is shaker style?’. The shaker style kitchen is a minimalist kitchen design which places emphasis on clean design and minimal decoration. Originating from the religious community bearing the same name, the shaker furniture style has become known for its simplicity, elegance and craftsmanship. With an increased focus on simplicity in modern times, the shaker style kitchen has enjoyed a resurgence. Here are some of the main features that define the shaker furniture style and shaker style kitchen. If you’re looking to build or renovate a shaker kitchen, contact A Plan Kitchens today.

1. Ladder Back Chairs

The first common feature of the shaker furniture style is the minimalist furniture, in particular the ladder-back chairs. Wooden furniture with tapered legs and clean lines creates more leg room and provides the chairs with an appearance of being lightweight.

2. Baskets

Perhaps the most iconic aesthetic feature of the shaker kitchen is the use of baskets. Baskets are simple, sturdy and reliable forms of storage that can be used in a variety of rooms, particularly the kitchen. The colour and texture of the baskets gives the shaker kitchen a rustic ambience.

3. Cabinetry

The shaker style kitchen is known for its boxy, rectangular appearance. The cabinetry in a shaker kitchen typically features a recessed panel and round knobs. The cabinets are typically made from solid wood and are polished by hand with a simple, natural finish. The colour of the knob is usually different, creating a contrast effect with the cabinets themselves.

4. Natural Flooring

Keeping up with the theme of simplicity and minimalism, a shaker kitchen typically has timber flooring. However, other finishes can be used, as long as a natural appearance is maintained. As a result, some shaker style kitchens will have maple, oak or walnut flooring.

5. Minimalist Lighting

A shaker style kitchen keeps everything simple. In the lighting department, simple, rustic lights can be used without any unnecessary decoration. The shaker style kitchen is well and truly a minimalist style, in all facets of the word.

6. Peg Rail

A peg rail is a board which is fixed to the wall, containing evenly spaced-out pegs. These pegs can be used to store and hang up a variety of items, including jackets, coats and in the context of the kitchen, utensils. The presence of a peg rail in the kitchen frees up space inside the kitchen cabinets by hanging up the kitchen utensils.

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