Six Premium Marble Options for Plush Kitchen

Countertops absolutely define the look and feel of a beautiful, luxurious kitchen. Yes, there is a reason why people sometimes spend months deciding on which variety they should pick as an anchor stone for their kitchen space. Although quartz looks impressive and is the most durable option for countertops, granite too is a wise choice, and marble is undoubtedly the classiest.

Take some time out and surf through some photos of stylish kitchens , especially  luxury kitchens in Sydney that the crème de la crème are flaunting on their social media handles. Zoom in on the photos to identify the countertops they have installed in their kitchens. You will find that marble tends to dominate the market as a favourite. When interior designers are assigned to create eye-catching plush indoor decor, they often pick premium marbles for the kitchen countertops.

But before saying yes to marble, you should know the best available varieties, for there may be a better option suited to your needs and preferences. In this blog, we have made a list you can review before meeting with your interior designer.

  • Carrara 

This Italian marble was a favourite of the ancient and middle age Roman nobles. It is the most popular variety known for its light grey veins, making it look so aesthetic. Carrara can be white, greyish, or blue-grey with soft and feathery patterns. If you want a marble top but want don’t want to go overboard on your budget, you can go for Carrara as it is less expensive than Calacatta or Statuary.

  • Calacatta 

This variety will win your heart when you are looking for a quintessential white marble. Calacatta is very popular among designers when they design contemporary-themed luxurious kitchen spaces. The slabs look gorgeous with thick, dramatic gold, beige, or dark grey veins. It is the most expensive among its sibling varieties as the square feet price is much higher than Carrara and Statuary.

  • Statuary 

The name suggests its history. This variety of white marble was widely used in sculpting statues. Some famous historical sculptures, like Michelangelo’s David, were sculpted in Statuary. This variety of white marble is also a popular choice, but this doesn’t come with multiple colour options in veins. Statuary marble veins are dark grey, which creates a dramatic look. Prices of Statuary are moderate but higher than Carrara.

  • Crema Marfil 

This premium marble, found in some of the most premium homes, also comes from Italy. The designers adore this creamy beige piece of stone for its durability and resilience. It has white, beige, golden, and cinnamon-toned veins, making it look dreamy and soothing. Crema Marfil is also used for crafting outside walls of a building, bathrooms, and foyers. The interiors look very fashionable with this marble finish, and it never goes out of style. A kitchen top of this marble variety goes well with the Art Deco-styled luxury kitchens.

  • Arabescato Corchia 

This is a popular choice for designers when they must design a luxury kitchen space within a budget. This medium-quality marble, less expensive than Calacatta and more costly than Statuary, is sourced from Tuscany and is known for its dramatic texture. A kitchen space and countertop, installed with this variety, looks mesmerising.

  • Breccia Black 

Often referred to as the king of all the marbles, the Breccia Black variety has a dark grey base with white and grey veins that create an unmatched aura. But the best feature of this marble is the orange splashes. These dramatic interventions provide an aesthetic texture that is eye-catching and pretty unforgettable. A kitchen installed with this marble is sure to become a hot topic of discussion among the community.

In Conclusion

One thing you must remember while selecting marble as the preferred option for your kitchen countertop is that very piece of marble is unique. Nature etches the patterns on the marble blocks and provides an unmatched texture. That’s the beauty of this stone. No two countertops of the same variety of marble will look precisely the same, meaning your marble kitchen will always stand out for its unique beauty. Best of luck choosing a gorgeous marble for your new kitchen renovation.