The Digital Kitchen: How Smart Is Your Kitchen?

These days, advanced technology is everywhere. We’ve got driverless cars, hairbrushes with Wi-Fi and wristbands that measure your heart rate.

So it’s not surprising to see a new wave of technology entering our kitchens. Kitchen appliances have been cleverly integrated with smartphones and just about everything connects to the Internet in some way.

If you’re keen to take advantage of some of this technology, you won’t be disappointed with what’s on offer.


Smart fridges are not all that new, but the extent of what technology can do in a fridge now will blow your mind!

Have you ever found yourself in the supermarket and can’t remember if you need butter or not? Just check an app on your smartphone that’s connected to a camera inside your fridge and you’ll be able to take a peek inside your fridge in real time!

Other apps can tell you when a product is about to reach its expiry date, and some can save you money by monitoring your electricity usage.


Until recently, induction cooktops were a fancy gadget that only a few were privileged enough to have. But now they are fairly mainstream, as more cost effective options enter the market.

Their main attraction is safety. They operate as a magnet and only heat up when a special kind of pot is placed on them. Once the pot is removed they become instantly cool again.


If your kitchen still has an oven from a few decades ago, you’ll be amazed at the options available now.

Many ovens now save you a significant amount of time and cook food faster by combining convection heating with bursts of microwaves. Some are pre-programmed with the best cooking methods for hundreds of different types of food, and others project virtual LED flames onto your oven pot so you know when the oven is on.

A new oven can also be a savior when you’re hosting dinner with a few different dishes. Many ovens can cook two separate dishes at different temperatures at the same time!

A digital kitchen with technologically advanced appliances can certainly make your life a lot easier and automated. They can also add value to your home if you’re renovating to sell. Speak to us today about how you can incorporate some new appliances into your kitchen.