The ideal kitchen bench tops, Caesarstone vs marble vs granite

Individual bench top looks

We all have different tastes and our vision for our kitchen may differ accordingly, which is why it can be a process to work out the ideal kitchen bench tops when it comes to Caesarstone versus marble versus granite.

Each of these bench top looks is hugely popular and they all have certainly stood the test of time. Each material has it own set of strengths for a variety of reasons so let’s look at some of the properties of each.

Quartz surface

Caesarstone is a high quality quartz surface engineered to look like marble or even polished concrete.

It is a surface which is heat, stain, scratch and chip resistant. It comes in several colour ranges.

The Caesarstone collection offers classic whites through to classic black while the semi-precious collection offers bolder hues of blue and purple to name a few. Caesarstone also offers the choice of different edges for your bench top look from pencil edge to shark nose edge.

Marble – Such a classic

Marble, of course, is a classic and it can look incredible. But you need to consider this choice as some stylists argue that it is a look that can date quite quickly.

If you’re after a more understated marble look, consider finding one which has less dominant veins throughout. Many people, especially passionate cooks, adore marble because it is smooth and cool to the touch, which is great to work with.

Before making a final decision on marble, look at the slab or slabs that will be used for your bench top. As this is a natural product it will vary greatly and a piece that you fell in love with from a small sample may bear no relation to the end product installed in your kitchen. So be sure you’re confident with your choice and ask for expert advice.

Granite’s warm hues

Granite is prized in its polished form as a bench top surface. Granite is the second most expensive bench top surface behind marble.

Granite is a natural product, and for that reason it’s prone to colour variations – but like all natural products this adds to the charm of the material and the overall aesthetic.

Final decision

Finally, it’s a good idea to remember there is no right or wrong material for your bench top. Between Caesarstone, marble or granite you have wonderful options for your kitchen bench top.

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