The Importance of Functionality in Kitchen Layouts: Tips for Optimising the Space

Is your kitchen one of the most used spaces in your home.? I can bet it is. From breakfast to lunch to preparing dinner, it’s the one space everyone uses daily. If you have a space crunch or want to increase your kitchen’s functionality, optimising its design and renovating it accordingly can help you achieve the desired result.

However, contemplating a kitchen renovation in Sydney can be a daunting task. With spaces becoming ever-smaller, fitting in all of your kitchen requirements can be tricky. When kitchen appliances, drawers, and different tools are not kept in proper sync, managing your kitchen can become difficult, even stressful. Or maybe you have purchased a new home and the layout just does not work for you. For a space you use so often every single day, it’s worth getting it fixed and sooner rather than later.

But don’t worry. In this blog, we’ll share some tips on kitchen space optimisation! Using these optimisation tips to renovate your kitchen will help you find the perfect balance between the elements of storage, seating, and appliances to elevate its functionality, as well as the colour scheme and design features to level-up its style to one that is more pleasing, enjoyable to be in, even luxurious. Why not? I’m sure you deserve it!

Our best tips to optimise your kitchen space:

Follow the ‘Work Triangle Principle’

One of the fundamental concepts of creating efficient kitchen renovations in Sydney is to follow the work triangle principle. This involves keeping the distance between your main workstations as close as possible in accordance with the triangle; which is the shape of the area between your fridge, stove, and sink. Why do you need a triangle in your kitchen? Well, it will ensure work in the kitchen is done faster because everything is within reach. The work triangle principle is being increasingly used in Sydney to renovate kitchens and renovators are loving the benefits.

Create zones around your sink

Creating zones for your meal-prepping, cooking, and cleaning-up activities can increase the space in your kitchen. By separating these areas, you can keep your kitchen counter clutter-free and also organise your utensils in this way for easy access. Establish your prepping area and clean-up area near to the fridge and the sink, and consider how the cooking area needs to be close to your stove. It’s just common sense, but amazing how few people use these zones in this way.

Invest in floor-to-ceiling storage

Cabinet storage is one of the most efficient ways to utilise your space. With floor-to-ceiling storage, you can make your kitchen feel much bigger than it actually is, and store most of your cooking-related items, even your kettles and toasters to optimise your worktop area. Less clutter too, means less chance of accidents. Moreover, by selecting a neutral or a pop of colour to your cabinets, you can really amp up the look of your kitchen.

Take advantage of corners

To create ample space in your kitchen, it is essential to utilise every nook and corner. You can install pull-out drawers in the corner of your cabinets. If you have a window on one side, you can also install a lower countertop and turn the awkward nook into a functional seating area.

Get open shelving 

Open shelving amplifies the atmosphere of your kitchen and makes it look instantly larger. It also creates an effective area for storing various cooking utensils or ingredient jars and also provides you with the option to display your items elegantly and show some of your personality. The more rows you add to your wall, the more storage space you can use.

Utilise drawers with partitions

For your lower cabinets, install contemporary drawers with partitions. This helps you arrange your cutlery and ingredients neatly and cleanly, and it remains within your hand’s reach.

If you have minimal space in your kitchen, hanging your items, such as cooking pots and spatulas, can help you declutter your countertop. Hang the frequently used items so that you can easily reach these tools while cooking while optimising and renovating your space. It also looks great!

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, renovating your kitchen not only results in having a brand new and beautiful living space, but it can help you save time and effort in your cooking routine and significantly enhance functionality. If you are rethinking your kitchen layout, keep in mind the above steps and make sure you do your research to identify the optimal plan for your perfect kitchen design. Always seek out kitchen professionals to give you a helping hand and that stylish touch.