The tech kitchen trends for 2019 – expect to be impressed

Tech explosion

Last year was probably one of the most pivotal years for tech innovation in the kitchen, including the arrival of sophisticated family refrigerators that almost seem to “think” for you.

That, and other smart products, opened up a whole new world of Wi-Fi–friendly appliances such as airfryers, ice makers, home brewing and coffee machines, to apps linked to your fridge so you can check what you need to buy before shopping, to various home hub products helping you use recipes or listen to music while you cook and so on.

Sleek and dynamic

The tech kitchen trends for 2019 are diverse, dynamic and well-designed, so expect to be impressed. It’s almost a cliché to say it, but this year is going to undoubtedly be even bigger and brighter than 2018 when it comes to what’s on offer for high tech kitchens and there is already a buzz about it.

New realms

Expect to see a wealth of smart kitchen products that aim to make your time in the home more practical, save you time and help you cook meals faster than you can say “home delivery”.

There will be plenty of products that offer apps, Bluetooth connectivity and more. One cooker that is already on the market is one that pretty much does all the work for you, once you’ve provided information on the kind of food you want to cook. And there’s an app that goes with it so you can oversee how it’s all going – even from a distance.

Health trends

Possibly overdue, there is a wealth of kitchen tech products coming on the market which promote health and wellbeing; so expect to be impressed yet again. This could be a modular system with overhead storage and LED lighting that will allow you to grow fresh herbs or look out for improved extractor fans from big-name brands designed to provide cleaner air.

Storage for smart appliances

While these new appliances and gadgets can be a great addition to your home, it’s important to remember they will require storage. It might sound silly, but it’s a good idea to have a look around your kitchen right now to see if it has a charging station for your mobile devices. Or if you’re in the market for new cabinetry, consider whether you’ll want wireless devices built right into the cabinetry. As well, think about your bench space and kitchen island – and whether it’s big enough to accommodate a few new kitchen gadgets in 2019.

Food storage technology

Some companies are stepping up when it comes to offering customers improved food storage options in a bid to offer meals cooked more quickly and reduce food wastage. Similarly, dishwashers and ovens are being designed to offer flexibility thanks to a wide range of new functions geared to complementing the needs of an increasingly “smart home”.

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