Dinner for 55?

Designing a kitchen to enable up to 55 hungry skiers to prepare, cook and eat their meals every morning and night is a real challenge…but A-Plan Kitchens was up for it!

The Thredbo Farm Ski Lodge was founded in the 1980’s to provide comfortable accommodation at the ski-fields for members and their families for a reasonable cost. But after 30 years, the lodge kitchen was struggling to meet the demands of a new generation, so A-Plan was called in to design a new one. After months of planning and preparation including design, on site check measure, manufacture and installation, the new kitchen was unveiled at the end of 2013.

Gone are the days of fighting for space on the cramped timber bench tops or queuing up to use one of the old free standing ovens.

Now guests can enjoy the luxury of stainless steel and modern acrylic surfaces, oodles of pantry space, six ovens, four cooktops, four fridges and a commercial dishwasher to clean up the mess.

The sparkling new kitchen accommodates all the needs of members and guests. There’s, ample storage for food items, plenty of bench space for preparing meals and multiple appliances for every cooking requirement.

With A-Plan’s help, a new generation of skiers can chow down and fuel up in comfort!