Tips for Small Laundry Renovations Sydney

4 Tips for Small Laundry Renovations

At A Plan Kitchens, we believe that the laundry room in your home deserves to be beautiful and stylish, and not just an afterthought to the rest of the house. For over 25 years, our experienced team of professionals has provided high quality kitchen and laundry renovations across Sydney. Here’s some of the laundry room renovation tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years.

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1. Consider Outdoor Access

When it comes to laundry renovations, it’s important to consider the access you have to outdoor areas. Having a laundry room that has easy and unobstructed access to your backyard ensures that you’re able to finish a load of washing and hang up your clothes outside. Having a laundry that’s further out from the backyard might tempt you to use the dryer more often, which can end up costing you more in terms of electricity costs. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to consider your outdoor access when you’re in the planning phase of your laundry room renovation.

2. Prioritise Storage

Planning a new laundry renovation is an excellent opportunity to create some new storage spaces for your home. This can be done with large laundries or even with small laundry designs, as the space can be used to prioritise storage. If you’re unsure of the best way to design your laundry to maximise storage, speaking to a professional will provide you with laundry renovation ideas specific to your needs and budget. For over 25 years, A Plan Kitchens has executed kitchen, bathroom and renovation projects to the highest level, prioritising customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for laundry renovation ideas, contact us today.

3. Decide on a Suitable Layout

Some people only keep a couple of appliances inside their laundry, such as a washing machine and a dryer. Others use their laundry as an extension of their kitchen or bathroom, adding countertops as well as benchtop space for further appliances. Before you start your laundry room renovation, it’s important to decide what you would like to keep inside your laundry to create a suitable layout that houses your appliances but also maximises storage spaces. Spending a little extra time planning for your renovation ensures that the space you create is not only stylish, but functional.

4. Plan for Suitable Ventilation

The appliances used in the laundry room can create an excessively humid environment, especially in the case of small laundry designs. The excess moisture build-up in your laundry can cause damage to the walls and floors that may be costly to fix down the line. Therefore, it’s important to ensure there is adequate ventilation for your laundry in the form of a window. A licenced professional can help you determine the best way to utilise your space for storage and function without compromising ventilation.

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