Top 5 Trends in Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

One of the best methods to breathe life into your house is through renovations. A renovation may seem complex since it involves many changes in your house. It can include adding new kitchen materials to your bathroom and incorporating new colours. However, the process is easier than it looks.

Your bathroom and kitchen renovation would not require deconstructing your whole house for a new look. It means replacing and elevating the look and feel of your spaces. If you have been Googling ‘bathroom and kitchen renovations near me,’ there are some things you must consider, like your family’s needs and accessibility requirements. Evaluating your house’s scope and size is essential before deciding on the renovations. This blog dives into the top five renovation trends you need to know.

Sustainable Materials

In recent years, the focus on reducing carbon footprint has increased. Homeowners are focusing on utilising sustainable materials for their homes, even when renovating their kitchens and bathrooms. Sustainable and recycled materials like bamboo, glass, reclaimed wood, concrete, and steel are becoming more popular for home renovations. These eco-friendly materials add a touch of nature and an organic feeling to your home.

Open Shelving 

Open shelving is one of the trends that has been around for years and has yet to show any signs of slowing down. If you consider cosmetic changes to your kitchen, open shelving might open doors to new possibilities. This design choice adds more flexibility and visual interest to the room and makes it easier to access your kitchen supplies. Moreover, open shelving can be a great way to display your favourite dishes and cookware. These shelves are a great addition to your bathroom since they offer additional storage spaces and add stylish elements to them.

Fresh Colours 

When renovating your kitchen or bathroom, white can be a timeless choice. Adding warm or neutral colours or earthly tones such as green, mustard, cream, or grey gives the room a sense of being in touch with nature. Alternatively, you can add bold colours to make a statement. Deep and dark colours like rich blue, magenta, or dark green add colour or texture to your rooms. You can also pair the lighter tones with saturated colours to add brightness to your kitchen and bathrooms. Homeowners can also opt for unique textured tiles or patterned wallpapers to create a backsplash that stands out.

Statement Light Fixtures

Planning your kitchen and bathroom lighting schemes with LED lights is better in the long run and will not hamper your room’s aesthetic. You can incorporate natural lights using large windows or skylights. If you want to add a dramatic flair to your house, you can add eye-catching light fixtures. From kitchen island lighting to pendant lights and even including chandeliers are great options for your kitchen. You can add a wall sconce, vanity, and mirror light for your bathroom to create a statement look.

Smart Technology

Technology has entered the house, even in our kitchens and bathrooms. Incorporating technology when renovating your important rooms adds convenience while increasing style and energy efficiency. Smart lighting, voice-activated appliances, and touchless faucets save energy and make life easier. Anti-mist mirrors and shielding in-built docking and charging points for devices make it safe and add to your convenience.

Renovating a kitchen or bathroom brings new life to your home. These changes or modifications not only update your home and add value to it but also improves your home’s overall functionality. So, before beginning with your home renovation, thoroughly consider your preferences, the styles you want, the materials and finishes, and how they would impact your life. Consider these aspects and combine the trends mentioned in this post to get the desired results.