Update the look of your kitchen with kitchen door handles

The humble little door handle might seem small and insignificant when it comes to kitchen design, but it can actually have a dramatic effect on the overall look of your kitchen. By simply changing your kitchen door handles you can give your kitchen a mini-makeover and an updated, modern look.


Kitchen door handles are generally inexpensive and are quick and easy to replace. Here are some essentials to think about when you’re choosing new kitchen door handles.


The style – for a contemporary kitchen you might choose streamlined, stainless steel handles, whilst for a country style kitchen you might prefer something like brass knobs. Handles come in an almost endless variety of sizes, shapes, styles, colours, finishes and materials, so be sure to choose one that will match the rest of your kitchen. You might even opt for no handles at all, and instead have routed handles, or a push-to-open mechanism.


The functionality – the style of handles you choose also affects the functionality and ease of opening. Small, button knobs might be hard to grip onto if you have large hands or when your hands are wet, and routed handles might be hard for young children to open. Think about who uses your kitchen and weigh up function vs. appearance.


The position – some handles, such as long narrow bar handles, can be attached vertically or horizontally, with both options giving a different look and ease of opening. Handles can also be placed at differing distances from the edge of the cabinet door, and this affects appearance and practicality. It’s a great idea to test a few handle positions with blue-tack before you drill any holes and commit to a position.


Whilst some handles can be easily replaced with minimal fuss, other handle options such as routed, integrated system requires a whole new door or drawer. If you’re not sure about the best handle choices for your kitchen, please talk to our experienced kitchen consultants for some advice.