What our designers can do to create your dream kitchen

Expert help

We Aussies love our kitchens. It’s fair to say that in recent decades it has become one of the central hubs in many homes as a place to eat, talk, cook and relax. And while you may be brimming with ideas and plans for your custom-built kitchen, you may feel reassured to know expert help is available and want to learn more about what our designers can do to create your dream kitchen.

Professional approach

Naturally, you will want to do your homework and feel that your dream kitchen is going to be placed in the best hands. A professional approach and an active role in the design and project management of your kitchen – whether the job is large or small – ought to be a factor in your decision-making process when choosing a reputable company to work with.

Build for future

Other major considerations ought to be your budget and knowing that the materials used are of a high quality. There is not much point investing in a new or renovated space only to find you need to replace the cabinetry or benchtops a few years further down the track.


We manufacture our custom-built kitchens at our Sydney factory so not only do we personally oversee that it meets our standards, we can tailor what we build to meet your exact needs.

Our kitchen designers are experienced and skilled individuals who are not part of our sales team. Indeed, they are too busy to do that. Part of their job is to travel to international trade fairs to see what are the latest and best kitchen design and furniture trends that will work in an Australian market.

Working together

Our designers’ objective is to create a kitchen with your floor plan and the appliances on your must-have list. They will want to know exactly what you want from the space and how it seamlessly blends or merges with the other rooms in your home.

3D software

One of the best ways for our designers to help you create your dream kitchen is to use 3D software so you will be able to easily see what is working and what might not be. Our 3D design software can help you see your dream custom-built kitchen from different angles and perspectives. This will enable you to make changes or alter colour-schemes and designs before you start work on the project.

Everything you need

We also build our own high-quality kitchen cabinets we offer great flexibility when it comes to width, height, and depth of your kitchen benchtops and drawers. This gives your dream kitchen a lot of scope.

Like much to do with home renovation in this day and age, you are dealing with a lot of choice. One way to reduce any concerns or anxiety about building a dream kitchen is to work with an experienced team. That’s what our designers, and our company, offers.

If you are inspired to find out more about our designers and how they can help you with your dream kitchen, read more at aplan.com.au.