Why you need a good project manager for your kitchen

A great asset

If this is the year you plan to renovate, rebuild or construct a brand-new kitchen, having an expert who can oversee everything that needs doing is an invaluable asset. This is why it’s a brilliant idea to find a good project manager for your kitchen.

Take your time

Of course, like any profession, this will require a bit of planning, time, patience and effort on your part, as it’s not wise to simply hire the first project manager you come across after you have searched for someone online – not all project managers are created equal. We know you want the best!

Build the relationship

This is a relationship you will need to be comfortable with as it’s more than likely problems, obstacles, difficulties, schedule hold-ups and other unforeseen events will occur during the reno or build.

Project manager’s role

A good project manager will be your team leader and to an extent your spokesperson: they will organise all the tradespeople required for the job, such as electricians, plumbers, tilers, builders and so on, and will the project manager will coordinate which job needs to happen at which time so there is no overlap. This is really important as it will mean the work will be done in the right order, potentially saving time and money.

Maintain standards

It will be vital for you to hire a good project manager, a person you will trust to maintain standards throughout the kitchen upgrade or build. During the process if repairs, unforeseen changes or additions are needed, you will want to feel secure that they will be done correctly too.

How to find one

Finding a good project manager can often be done via the kitchen company you are dealing with for expert advice, designs and critical kitchen elements such as doors, cabinets, hardware, splashbacks and lighting.

Check them out

Of course, you will need to check the project manager’s qualifications and you are perfectly within your rights to ask for genuine recommendations or testimonials to ensure you are happy with the work they have done in the past. Ask to meet them face to face as this is a positive step for both parties.

Final approach

Once you are ready to go ahead and you have chosen all the materials, designs, colours and everything else you will be adding to your new or renovated kitchen, it is likely that you will be in regular contact with your chosen project manager. Discuss any concerns you have along the way, but don’t be shy about giving constructive feedback too. Everyone likes to know they’ve done a good job.

If you’ve been inspired to hire a good project manager for your kitchen and need expert advice, read more about how to do this at www.aplan.com.au.