Why you should have a custom kitchen design at least once in your lifetime

I’ll have what she’s having

If you have ever visited a friend’s place who has had a major home renovation, it is likely you will soon gravitate to the kitchen to see what they have done to one of the most special spaces in the home.

If you walk away wishing their house was yours, it is perhaps time to think about why you should have a custom kitchen design at least once in your lifetime. Ask yourself, if not now, then when?

Make it happen

Imagine that you have a magic wand and can create your dream custom design kitchen – what would it look like?

A place to gather

A custom kitchen design will require planning, a budget, creative brainstorming and patience, but the end result can not only transform the space but the whole household’s relationship with the kitchen.

It can become the room that everyone gravitates to – to chat, eat, read, drink tea (or a glass of wine!) and watch television as the family meal is prepared. It can be all things to all people …

Likes & dislikes

So what will you need to consider before making a commitment to going ahead with your custom design kitchen? One of the best things to do is to make a list of what you like and don’t like about your current kitchen – in other words, what needs to change?

Styles and looks

Do you have a look you hanker for such as the Hamptons style or filled with splashes of colour? Would you like your kitchen to be lighter and brighter? Are there spaces that could be put to better use – a cosy nook, for example, or bigger windows or a skylight? Look for inspiration in magazines and online, find a look you love, and think about how to incorporate it into your dream design kitchen.

Main player

What about an island? Many devotees of the kitchen island say that once you’ve had one – you will never look back as it soon becomes the social hub of the kitchen. It can be where everyone has brekkie before rushing off to work or the spot for a late-night chat with your partner.

Plus, it also adds a lot of functionality to a kitchen, providing additional workspace and storage. The good news is that there are so many island styles available to you – country-style, sleek and modern, industrial or nature-inspired with wood to name just a few.

Upgrade your appliances

While most of us would love to fork out less on utilities, finding energy-efficient cooktops, dishwashers and fridges can go a long way towards that – and whitegoods designs can be far more integrated too!

No regrets

Once you get going and find the right expert advice, your custom design kitchen will be something that warms the heart for many years to come and you will never look back. Enjoy!

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